Thursday, July 8, 2010

Removing Fences

I have continued to keep an eye on the York Street Station to be on top of things as they move ahead.
Last week I noticed a huge crane parked in front and thought that it must have something to do with what is to come.
Two days ago I took another drive by and saw that the crane is gone but some workers were doing something with the fencing.
As I got closer I could see that they have moved the chain link fence toward the front of the station so that it still encloses the original section of the station which is to be repaired.
The entire rear baggage section that is to be demolished is completely exposed with nothing stopping anyone from getting right in there.
So this afternoon as I was going by I took my trusty camera and snapped away.
There was only a loose piece of plywood covering the doorway so I moved it aside and went in.
Now, I was going to post a whole bunch of my photos on here for you to see everything for yourself.
This won't be necessary.
You see, I sent an email to our pal Charles Leblanc letting him know that the fence was removed and that the coast was clear to get some great photos inside and out.
He replied that he was heading over.
A few moments ago he sent me another message that he had posted some photos on his blog site.
He's done another fine Charles job and as you will see there's no need for my pictures when he has covered it so thoroughly.
He and I have shared photos on numerous occasions so I know he won't mind me posting a link to his blog.
It gives him more hits anyway.
Have a look.

I have been told that the demolition of the rear section will be proceeding any time now so I'll keep my eyes and ears open and let you know when it starts.

Stay well,

Tim Scammell, PTech