Monday, June 29, 2009

You've got to be kidding me.

One of the things about writing a blog is that it's almost impossible to determine where the traffic and readers are going to come from.
Almost impossible, but not totally.
I have learned that you can guarantee a certain amount of hits by throwing in keywords and phrases that will be snapped when someone does a Google search for something.
An example is "Michael Jackson" (that should be good for a couple) or "Farrah Fawcett".

My friend Charles showed me a cool feature on the blogs that allows us to see where traffic comes from and when they do.
If you are reading this on the actual blog page (and not in my Facebook notes) I will be able to see that you visited.
If you are at the blog page, thank you for that by the way!
Charles likes to brag about all of his hits. :) I can't match him but I like to show well.

One other nifty little feature is that is someone does arrive here from a Google search it shows up as well as what the person was Googling.

This one seems a bit off to me. Read on.

If you recall a little while ago I did a blog about poor Farrah and a little bit of my feelings of her.
I mentioned the time many years ago that my friends and I saw the movie "Saturn 3" which had (here it comes) "Farrah topless" in it.

Maybe I'm being a bit weird here but I was floored by how many hits came, and will come, to this blog because of people searching for "Farrah topless".

Is it just me or isn't it a little odd hunting for nudie pictures of someone right when they've passed away?

Hey! I have a video clip of the topless scene on my computer somewhere!
Should I post it here? Huh? Should I?
That's just messed up.
If you landed here that way, you're in the wrong place. Go away.

My respect for Farrah is for not only her obvious outer beauty but also her inner beauty and talent.

Move on, nothing to see here...

Stay well,

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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Oh no, not yet...

Poor Farrah is gone.

I just found out and I'm very very sad. She was such a wonderful lady.
No more pain or suffering.
Just for those she left behind.
Goodbye Farrah, I'll miss you...


Monday, June 22, 2009

Let's do some math shall we?

Here's a nifty address to an interesting blog about the York Street Station and some costs that may be associated with its repairs.

Thanks to Mr./Mrs./Ms./Miss (?) Lamespotting for sending it to me. For some reason I can't seem to insert links into my blogs so please just copy and paste the address to go to it. Sorry about that.

Doesn't look very good, does it?

However, today's Gleaner has the following article by my pal Shawn Berry.
It appears that the Legion is going to stick to their dream of saving the station.
(I wish they had thought about this a couple of years ago... Ah well, better late than never as they say.)

I did meet with the Manager at the Legion just over a week ago to provide them with what I have in the way of photos and information.

I told him that I will personally go out and swing a hammer with anyone when (if?) the time comes to begin repairs.
I'm serious too!
In fact, I'll bring my wife and kids and anyone that gets within my grabbing reach to come out and help too!

Here's today's article.
Once again, thanks to Shawn Berry for digging in and biting onto this like a pit bull.

Legion members formally looking at train station


Members of Branch 4 of the Royal Canadian Legion have given their executive the go-ahead to further explore the potential of turning the York Street train station into their new home.

There was no opposition to the motion at last week's general meeting attended by about 50 legion members.

"They all approved that we look into it further," said branch president Jean-Guy Perreault.

The general meeting in June is the last one until September, so it was important to get the support of members before summer.

The legion is one of at least three groups interested in taking over the deteriorating historic train station.

NB Liquor has had discussions about leasing the station from the owners, J.D. Irving Ltd. And while speculation ran rampant recently that the Crown corporation was days away from inking a deal, an official has said that wasn't the case.

Perreault said his members want to see what would be involved in having the legion buy and revitalize the 86-year-old building.

Past-president Ardith Armstrong said legion members will be looking at the cost of acquiring the train station and what funding might be available to them to repair it in accordance with its historic designation. The price of the refurbishment has been pegged at up to $2 million.

Armstrong said legion members have been told nothing is set in stone.

"We asked their permission to continue with the discovery while assuring them we would commit to nothing without the blessing of the general membership."

Legion members were told recently that members of the executive have been in contact with Mayor Brad Woodside and other civic leaders to support their efforts.

Woodside recently reiterated his call for the building owners to repair it soon or tear it down.

J.D. Irving has said securing a commercial venture for the site is the most viable option to support the $2 million revitalization cost.

Legion members hope to secure funding for a refurbishment before submitting any plan to their membership for approval.

Oh yes, before I forget!
I drove by the station the other day and met a talented chap named Calvin Thompson who was doing a painting of the building.
I took this picture of Calvin at work.
Quite good, isn't he?

All righty then folks.
My hammer is ready. But NOT for tearing anything down. Only for rebuilding.
Any takers?

Stay well,

Friday, June 19, 2009

I don't take "lasts" very well.

Many of us are going through the same thing or similar things everywhere at various levels.
I was surprised to see that some people I know are dealing with this at the grandparent level!
The last couple of weeks has been full of "lasts".
A couple of weeks ago was the last talent show at the school that we would be involved with.
Last week the PSSC (Parent School Support Committee) had our last meeting of the year which also happened to be that last one forever for a couple of us.

I joined the Home and School and the PSSC because I wanted to be there to make a difference in our sons' education.
As with my joining Council, I hoped that my input, whether misguided or not, would make New Maryland Elementary School better not just for our kids but for every single boy and girl that ever walks through those doors.

There were so many meetings and so much stuff discussed at these meetings!
At the end of a long workday there was no way to avoid my eyes glazing over at times.
But I think I did what I had to do.
I think that I made a difference in that place.
And now it's over.

Our little monkey boys have their last day at New Maryland Elementary School tomorrow.

I really don't know how they feel about it.

How did I feel about when I was leaving one school to another? Truthfully I don't think I cared.

I do remember how nervous I was going into the new schools.
The main thing that made it okay for me was that I was going to a bigger school with kids from a bunch of other schools.
I knew a ton of kids from the other schools from Scouting, sports and other things.
Finally I could hang out with them!

But what of poor little NMES?
It's only a stone's throw from our back yard.
We'll always hear the bells go off as we do now.
But the bells won't be ringing for our little guys anymore.

And our little guys aren't those little guys anymore.

In only 6 years they have gone from being so small to growing up so much.

Yesterday we went to the family picnic. Our last at the school.
The principal came over to us sitting on our blanket and told us how proud he was of our guys.

There had been a few issues that had arisen over the past few years. Nothing serious but needing our attention.

Steve came over and told us that our boys had grown up so much and were great.
No more problems.

I can joke and say that he may have just said this since they were not his problem anymore after tomorrow but I know the truth.

These little guys have grown up an awful lot.
I don't like it but that's the way it is.

I will always call them Tiny and Boo even when they are over 6 feet tall and 25 years old.

I don't have to tell you that I have a very difficult time letting go of some things.

There are some things I will never let go of no matter how hard I try.

But I know that I have to let go and accept that these little guys aren't really little guys anymore.

But they'll always be my babies.

Stay well,

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Thursday, June 18, 2009


Do you see that picture? Isn't it just so cute?

And horrifying??

To think that someone likely received payment for taking it sends shudders up my spine.

You know I like trains. I like trains and stations and everything related to railways.

A couple of years ago I subscribed to the email newsletter that Kalmbach Publishing sends out for its 5 rail related magazines.

Usually they are very interesting and have great items.

Today was different.

At 1:41 p.m. I received an email titled "Make Father's Day last all year long with these great rates" with the above picture front and center.

As soon as I saw it I was stunned.

What were they thinking?

A baby and man walking on train tracks??

At 6:15 p.m. I received another mail from them titled "Our apologies: Father's Day Ad".

Here's the content.

"Our Apologies

Earlier today our promotional team distributed a Father's Day e-mail advertisement for our magazines, depicting a father and child walking along a railroad track.

The photograph was highly inappropriate, and we apologize for including it in the ad.

The editorial staffs of Trains, Classic Trains, Model Railroader, Classic Toy Trains and Garden Railways are dedicated to promoting railroad safety in all our efforts and we truly regret the use of this photo.

The Publishers"

I wonder how many emails and phone calls they got before composing that backpedal email?

I'm glad they realized their error but it's a little scary that it was sent out in the first place.

And why did it take 4 1/2 hours to follow it up??

Stay well,


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Friday, June 12, 2009

Maybe you should be nice on your way up because you may come back down?

This is the most star-studded blog I have ever done and may ever do.
Get your sunglasses on and watch your head because names are going to be dropping like raindrops.

It's also very long but I wanted to keep this together.

What got me thinking about this topic was when I was thinking about Roger Federer the other day after he won the French Open and how I believe he is probably a genuinely nice guy.

I started to think about celebrities, how they act towards the public and their fans and how the public sees them.

For those who don't know, I was a bouncer for many years in Ontario in my younger days.
It was always my feeling that defusing a situation is far better than taking the situation down once it has begun.
Many times I would calmly walk with someone out the door instead of physically throwing them out when they became drunk or a bit rowdy.
I was know as "Tim the nice bouncer".

I would spend long nights watching the people and trying to read the emotions and feelings in the room.
I think in doing this for so long I think I started to get a pretty good feel for people.

There have been many times over the years when I have got a less than positive vibe from an individual and have been on the mark.
Other times it appeared that I was wrong but after some time it has was shown that I was right at the start.
Sometimes I really am wrong and missed altogether.

My point here is that when I look at Roger Federer he seems to me like a truly nice guy and I cheer for him because he deserves to be happy.

Here's where my names start to fly.

Many years ago my mother attended a celebrity tennis tournament in Toronto. One of the celebrities in attendance was actor Lloyd Bridges.

Following his tennis match several people including my mother were standing along the route that Lloyd was leaving and hoped to get an autograph from him.

Mom told that Lloyd blew past those few people so fast and acted so ignorant towards them it was unbelievable.
Signing a few autographs for a few ladies wasn't too much of a task really.
But the way Lloyd Bridges acted towards them assured that those ladies would never be his fans again.
Or their families.

Once upon a time Toronto had a WHA hockey team franchise called the Toronto Toros.
The WHA was made up of ex-NHL players who were lured over by money and the promise of renewed glory.
It was a flop.
However one day the Toros had an event called "Scoutskate".

It was advertised that all of us little Cub and Boy Scouts could have a chance to skate with the actual Toronto Toro players themselves!

What a load of garbage that was.

It turned out that we all went for a free skate with hundreds of other Boy Scouts and had a chance to perhaps glimpse a couple of the Toros that happened to be in the area. Without skates on.

One of the Toros players was hockey legend Frank Mahovolich who actually showed up that day.

I remember I was so thrilled to see him! I always loved watching him play and had his hockey cards.

I made my way toward Frank with my pad and pen in hand. It was amazing that I could actually meet him in person.

I asked him if I could please get his autograph.
Then I mentioned that my uncle had also been involved in the Montreal Canadiens hockey organization as he had been before joining the Toros.
I was just making conversation and trying to slip in a little bonding for good measure.

Mr. Mahovolich then told this little Boy Scout to go and "ask your uncle for my autograph" as he blew past all of us.
Pop! There goes that boy's bubble.

I believe he's a member of the Canadian Senate now but I won't be approaching him for an autograph again.

I have stories of a couple of Canadian bands.

A couple of them were pretty popular back in the 1980's. I'm not sure if you recall the bands Bootsauce and The Box.

When I was attending Humber College in Ontario the student council managed to book The Box to do a show in the student bar on campus.
At that time The Box were doing really well for themselves. They had a few really great songs that we're getting plenty of airplay at the time.
I wasn't able to go to the show but read about it in the school newspaper a couple of days later.
It turned out that the band went up on stage, did a couple of songs and left the stage leaving everyone wondering what the heck happened.
The paper reported that the band may have been a little drunk or stoned at the time but possibly not.
When the reporter asked if he could talk to them for a few minutes they told him to forget it and they just wanted to go and "get laid".
I lost all respect I ever had for them and never listened to them again.

I support artists but not when they act like that.

Who knows where they are now. To be honest I really don't care.

Bootsauce was another band from Quebec that weren't as popular as The Box but had music that I really liked.

It wasn't as mainstream a sound but I really admired their talent.
This would have been about the time that I discovered The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Soundgarden, Nirvana, Pearl Jam and the Stone Temple Pilot style. Grunge I believe it was called.
Bootsauce fit right in to my tastes.
I have no personal knowledge of what has become of them.
However, at a party one day I met a record company executive time who had signed the band.

He told me that the band members were the rudest, most ignorant people he had ever met.
They acted like they were the biggest rock stars on the planet and noone else mattered.
Could this have been their downfall?
I can't say for certain.

Nickelback is a band that has been around for a couple of years and have become pretty big internationally.
Lately I have noticed a growing sentiment against them.
Facebook even has a group "Friends don't let friends listen to Nickelback".

I have no idea what started this but one day I was browsing videos on Youtube and watched a recent video clip of Nickelback on stage in Europe.
It's difficult to see exactly what brings it on but the singer asks the crowd if they want to rock and roll. He doesn't get the reaction he is looking for so the band leaves the stage and never goes back out.
On the way, the singer gives the crowd the middle finger salute. I'm certain he wasn't telling them they are "number 1" with it.

Maybe I'm wrong but this type of show of affection towards your fans may diminish their love level somewhat.

I am absolutely certain that my friends in Age of Daze and the lovely Miss Maggie B will never treat their fans in such a manner, no matter what level of stardom they achieve.
It's not in their nature.

A smart artist (or anyone for that matter) knows that even though fans may tick you off at some point the fact is that the fans put you there.
And the fans can take you down just as easily.

Why do you think that Rush has had such a loyal solid fan base for so many years?
The big reason is that they are outstanding musicians.
The other is that Rush loves their fans.
And we love them right back.

This last one is my favourite story.
About 20 years ago my mother called me to tell me that a movie was being filmed in her little town Beeton and I should check it out.
It was a made-for-TV movie starring Harry Morgan and Walter Matthau.

I took off up to Beeton that afternoon to see.
Mom and I searched around the town for signs of filming and learned that the cast and crew had gone to the Beeton arena for lunch.

We went there and headed upstairs to the large dining area.
There were people all over the place sitting at many tables.

Over at one table sat Walter Matthau all by himself eating his lunch.
I thought "Perfect! I'll head over and just say hello. He won't mind a quick autograph."

As I started to walk over a geek who felt very important stepped in front of mom and I and said "No, no. You can't disturb Mr. Matthau while he's eating!"
Fine, we would wait.

Mom and I stood off to the side for almost 10 minutes as Walter sat and ate by himself.
I finally told mom "enough of this, I'm going over!"

I'm sure everyone is familiar with Walter Matthau and what his style was.
He was the ideal grumpy old man. He looked and played the part perfectly and it made him a superstar.
He was the slob Oscar in "The Odd Couple", he was a drunk grumpy baseball coach in "The Bad News Bears" (The original, not that crap that Billy Bob Thornton did).
He was one of the "Grumpy Old Men" with Jack Lemmon and Burgess Meredith.
The most fitting was as Mr. Wilson in "Dennis The Menace".
Mr. Wilson spends the whole movie putting up with the torment of Dennis, the neighbour's boy and thinking of ways to exact revenge on the kid.
Walter was fabulous in this. It's one of my favourite roles of his.

Back to the story.
I walked over to Walter as he was eating and he looked up at me.
I asked if it was okay if my mother and I just had a quick photo with him and an autograph and we would be on our way.

How do you think he responded?
Grumpy old man?
No way!

He said "Of course! Come on and sit down! I would be delighted! Please join me!"

I waved over to mom and she sat down beside him and we had one of most pleasant chats I have ever shared with anyone.

I get teary just remembering how nice it was.

I still have the pictures of us with him from that day.
He isn't smiling in them. I bet he was intentionally looked the part for the photo.
But we know better.

It was funny when Mom acted like a mom and asked him about how he was feeling. She had read that he had recently been ill with a virus of some kind.

She was all concerned about him and he told her all about it like she was his mom checking up on him.

I can still picture her look of concern and him describing everything carefully.
We eventually left him and he waved and shook our hands with a big smile of an old friend.
What an amazing man.

It's moments like that which people remember and share as I am right now with you.

Something so simple as sharing a couple of minutes with another warms their hearts forever.

I wonder how many people will never know how different from his roles he really was?
At least you know now.

I should note that in "Dennis The Menace" Mr. Wilson manages to drive Dennis so that he runs away from home.
Then Mr. Wilson sits down and thinks about how awful it is that Dennis is gone and how much he wants the little terror back.
He gets sniffly and teary and sets out to find Dennis and bring him back safely.
THAT is the part of Mr. Wilson that fit Walter Matthau perfectly! He was a nice caring person.

When I learned of Walter's passing years ago I felt so awfully awfully sad.
But I also felt so happy that I had shared a few minutes with him that day in Beeton.

If I had ever had the chance to meet Bea Arthur and tell her that I had a crush on her I think that she would have given me a nice hug and maybe a little peck on the cheek.
I will always believe that she was that type of person who loved us as much as we loved her.

Remember, almost everyone starts out at the same level.
Plus, we are all people after all even if some are more wealthy and famous.

It doesn't take much to make others feel special does it?
Even if you don't like someone just respect them.

You don't have to love or even like everyone but respect is a huge thing.

Stay well,


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Thursday, June 11, 2009

For crying out loud...

I'm trying to get my head focused on a blog when another important topic comes flying along needing my immediate attention.

I hope the Gleaner doesn't mind me posting this here. I'm in it so maybe that will help.
By the way, you recall that when I got on New Maryland Council I stepped down as President of the Fredericton Friends of the Railway?
My reasoning was that if I was to be involved in a working relationship with our neighbouring Council in Fredericton I did not want to be prodding them from the other side as the president of the group.
That's when Steve Boyko stepped up.
I don't know if I have said anything yet but on April 1st Steve send me a message that he and his family are moving to Winnipeg sometime in the near future.
I thought he was joking! Who says something like that on April Fool's Day and is serious??
Steve was serious. He's still here. I don't know for how long but he's leaving.
That makes me very sad but the pressing issue is that the group needs another President.
I'm back.
But guess what? Fredericton Mayor Brad Woodside and I have become great friends over the last couple of years. I really like him. I wish every Mayor could be like him. (I'm just saying).
We are both on the exact same side of this.
You'll see in the article that Brad talks tough. And rightly so. He's tired of watching the York Street Station die a slow painful death before the world's eyes as much as I am.
When I read this article I fully agreed with Brad.
Coincidentally, yesterday afternoon Brad Twittered me saying that he liked my comments as well.
Regardless of how it appears, he and I are working together at this to try and finally get something done!
There are very few people that I would stand beside for anything but I am proud to stand beside Brad.

This was in yesterday's Daily Gleaner.

Train station blues | City tired of waiting


Negotiations between J.D. Irving and the NB Liquor Corp. are percolating, but Mayor Brad Woodside says it's time to fish or cut bait.

Woodside, who suggested he'd be just as happy as any Frederictonian to see the shabby York Street property fixed up, said if no deal can be reached, he's ready to head to Ottawa to convince the federal government to allow the structure to be demolished.

The Daily Gleaner has learned that discussions with the liquor corporation - which the newspaper reported on in mid-March - have reached a critical juncture.

NB Liquor officials were coy about the talks last spring and there was no update from the agency late Tuesday.

Train station owner J.D. Irving was equally disinclined to talk publicly about negotiations.

"Once again, we continue to pursue opportunities for a commercial development," said J.D. Irving communications spokesman Geoff Britt. "For confidentiality reasons, we are not able to comment on negotiations."

"It's something we'd be prepared to look at if it fit into our plan," Nora Lacey, communications manager for NB Liquor told the newspaper in mid-March about its interest in the train station.

"It seems to me that right now there are negotiations going on that are very close, and I am hopeful that this matter can be resolved," the mayor said Tuesday.

"Failing that, I am prepared to seek a legal opinion as to what the municipality can do to deal with this, and I am prepared to go to Ottawa and to present the city's case to the bureaucracy there because I don't feel that this city should have to tolerate this anymore.''

Built in 1923, the train station is considered an historic structure and is protected under federal heritage legislation. Buildings with such a designation can be torn down, but only with federal government approval.

Supporters of the train station were dubious that the building's roof, propped up by two-by-fours, would last another winter.

The roof is beginning to collapse. The derelict building has become a local eyesore and even some of the staunchest heritage buffs are ready to throw their hands up in despair.

Peter Pacey, past president of Fredericton Heritage Trust, has said if the station isn't fixed up soon, it should be torn down.

"I'm very upset nothing has gone on and it's just at a standstill,'' said Tim Scammell, New Maryland village councillor and a long-time member of the Friends of Fredericton Railway Inc. lobby group, on Tuesday.

"Unless something is going on behind the scenes and they've kept it quiet, I'm very disappointed. I thought the idea of moving the bus station there was a great idea. I liked the idea of moving a liquor store there.''

The Fredericton chapter of the Conservation Council of New Brunswick has suggested the train station would make a good home for Acadien Coach Lines, which has to relocate from the downtown.

Woodside has voiced his displeasure with the deteriorating state of the train station at various times and in varying degrees, but he said it's time to sort it out once and for all.

"I will not let go until this matter is resolved," the mayor said. "The public is fed up and so is the city. Inaction and the status quo is not acceptable."

The liquor corporation was deluged with opposition when it closed its King Street liquor store in January 2008.

This article was good but guess what appeared today?
I heard it on the radio first and was then contacted by Allison Melanson from Global News to meet for an interview about it and what I thought.
Wow!! If this can happen it would be amazing!!

Here, read it for yourself (Thanks Shawn and Heather):

Legion needs home; station needs TLC


Published Thursday June 11th, 2009

For many Second World War soldiers, the York Street train station was their last glimpse of home before they headed overseas.

Jean-Guy Perreault, president of the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 4 in Fredericton, says the branch is inquiring about taking over the York Street train station to keep the landmark and its past alive. Now, Branch 4 of the Royal Canadian Legion hopes the derelict train station can be given a new lease on life as the local legion's headquarters.

Legion president Jean-Guy Perreault said the branch has had preliminary discussions with J.D. Irving Ltd. about acquiring the train station.

He said they're far from formal negotiations, but the idea is capturing people's attention.

"A lot of our vets boarded there to go to war," he said Wednesday. "They have very strong memories of the station.

"We've talked to a lot of veterans, and a lot of them would like to take the front of it, finish it, put an old train there with 25 feet of rail, and at the back of it we would put the legion. That's our plan right now, and I think we could have quite a good thing."

Perreault said the idea is still in its early stages and there's been no decision as to what the legion might do, or how a deal might be worked out. That will be up to the legion's membership.

Perreault plans to meet with Mayor Brad Woodside on Tuesday to discuss the station's future.

On Tuesday, a frustrated Woodside said if a deal isn't worked out soon, he's ready to press Ottawa to grant approval for the station's demolition.

Under the Heritage Railways Stations Protection Act, the owner of the historic train station isn't obliged to fix it up, but must get a ministerial order from the federal Environment Department to alter the structure or demolish it.

J.D. Irving, which owns the train station and a chunk of the former railway lands surrounding it, has said it would try to salvage the heritage property, but it would need to redevelop it in the context of a larger business venture.

The last cost estimate on repairing the building was up to $2 million.

Several years ago, the possibility of a major call centre tenant had the company contemplating the construction of an office building that would generate the income to include the train station as a component of the development project.

The legion hopes J.D. Irving might part with the building for the symbolic sum of $1 because it made a similar offer to a local non-profit group.

"I think if they would sell it for $1 and we'd go from there," Perreault said.

The owner continue to pursue opportunities.

"We have offered the train station property to a non-profit organization in the past and that option remains a possibility. But we have always maintained that the site needs a commercial development to complete the estimated $2 million restoration costs," said J.D. Irving spokesman Geoff Britt.

The legion is located at the intersection of Queen and Westmorland streets.

Past president Ardith Armstrong said the legion executive began scouting new locations after the 2008 flood.

"We're in a 50-year-old building and its getting pricey to maintain," she said.

The train station caught the legion's attention, though.

"That is a heritage site. The fact that our troops left for service from there would tie in very nicely."

The Daily Gleaner first reported in March that NB Liquor is negotiating for the site.

A spokeswoman for the Crown corporation confirmed this week that it's discussing lease options with J.D. Irving.

The Daily Gleaner has learned that the legion and NB Liquor aren't the only ones in talks with the owners. An individual with knowledge of NB Liquor's negotiations said a third group has also expressed interest in the site.

Woodside said he's received support for his comments calling for either renovation or demolition.

"I think a lot of people are getting tired of the situation."

He said any group that wants to get involved should be ready for the financial burden of refurbishment.

"I hope they have some deep pockets, there's a good chunk of change involved."

It's nice to be back.
My mind needs to get into something like this again to clear out some cobwebs.

This thing isn't getting any better, only worse.

I think I'm up for it again. I hope I am.
With Big Brad along I feel pretty good.

Wish us luck.

Stay well,

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Big one coming!

My next blog is going to be a star studded extravaganza of name dropping like you've never seen before!
Really, I'm doing it now.
Give me time.
After that I'd like to talk about Dr. Seuss again.


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Sunday, June 7, 2009

He deserved this

I'm not a huge fan of watching sports on television at all.
I would like to be at the game in person or sometimes really enjoy a playoff game.

Tennis is one sport that is really boring to me.
Today was different.
Not since Muhammed Ali pounded on Leon Spinks to regain the heavyweight title have I wanted someone to win as much as I wanted Roger Federer to take the French Open today.

I could feel his emotion and was so thrilled for him.

He seems to me like one of those celebrities/superstars that is also a genuine nice guy.
I'd like to think so anyway.

I've met those who aren't very nice and others who surprised me with how kind they were.

I think there's another blog in that...

For now, it's a beautiful afternoon with plenty to do still before Boo's first baseball practice tonight.

Tiny is sitting baseball out this year to focus on ..... Tennis!
He's good too!!

Stay well,

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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Finding Time!!

I am so sorry to anyone who drops by here and looks for Tim updates from time to time.
I could never imagine being as busy as I am these days.
Even when I do have spare time my mind is preoccupied with things and I just can't get a decent blog done!
I go through my Blackberry and see 4 different blogs that I started to write and didn't because I was sidetracked.
They aren't even relevant really since the moment is gone.
I will make this a quicky. I have Council tonight. Maybe I'll have a chance to write a deep thoughtful blog then? :) Relax you voters. I am kidding.
First, I should say that the fun last week yielded excellent results. I don't have to go through that again for another 5 or 10 years. As fun as it was, that's fine with me.
Mom and Hayley would be pleased knowing that the colonoscopy is finally over.

Let me tell you what's going on these days.
B finished football last week until fall. T still has tennis lessons every Tuesday evening for several more weeks.
Both of them started summer hockey last night in Oromocto. YAY! We were all very happy about that.
Oh, guess who's coaching? Yep, your's truly.
In this league it's just a glorified door opener and closer. There are all levels of players, they play whatever positions they want and they MUST have fun.
That's the rules. We love it.
B started to hit his stick on the ice last night when the other team scored but thought better of it. I'm very happy about that. In case you missed it, go back to my Bobby Orr blog and you'll see why.
T wraps up piano lessons until the fall next week. Boo still has drum lessons ongoing.
Plus, baseball starts this week.
B is playing but not T. I'm sad about that since he has such spirit out there when he plays but that's totally his choice. As long as he is doing something we are okay with that.

Me? I just hang around and drive where I'm told to.

There will be a blog coming about my trip to mom's.
When I have time.....

Right. :)

Stay well,