Sunday, June 18, 2017

My Dad

It's not easy being as awesome and groovy as I am. It takes years of special training and guidance with a highly skilled trainer who has had a lifetime of being awesome himself.

That would be my dad.

I don't often mention special occasions and holidays here but felt that a huge Happy Father's Day to my dad was in order.

Thanks for everything Dad. Thanks for all of the amazing times and wonderful memories that I have locked in my mind for the rest of my days. Thanks for always being there when I needed something. Thanks for being the best sports coach anyone could ever have. Thanks for having the tolerance to go with my friends and I for a week every summer into the wilds of northern Ontario for a scout camp/week long party. Thanks for the coolest family road trips of places that most of the details are now lost, but the awesomeness of the moments are still fresh. Thanks for putting up with me when I wasn't making the best educational or career choices for myself that I should have, but had faith that I would bounce back and land on the right path. Eventually. Thanks for being so great that my sons recognize it in you too.
Most of all. Thanks for teaching me that being a good father isn't easy, but it's necessary. It doesn't pay well at the time, but the payoff in the end is priceless.

You've taught me that in order to build a massive clear bright future for our entire species, we have to take these little blocks that are right in front of us, plant them in the right place and hope that they take root as long as we nourish them properly.

I'm confident that most of what Hayley and I became in our adult lives is a credit to the way you raised us.
I say this with confidence because of what I see in my own sons. Cheryl and I have happily worked hard and continue to do so. We are very proud of the results.
Without the guidance of our parents we likely would not have been as prepared as we were.
Happy Father's Day dad. I love you. Thanks for everything. xo

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Heather Schwarzkopf said...

That is one of the most moving tributes to a parent that I have ever read.
It is particularly of interest to me, Tim, because I knew your father as a young man very well.
And yes, he was brilliant even then <3