Saturday, July 18, 2009

Waiting and wondering...

A couple of things to update. First of all, remember the CTV interview I was supposed to do the other day about my offer to help Amy Phillips? (See my last blog.)
The reporter contacted me and cancelled saying he had car problems and would reschedule if they decided to pursue the story further.
So far I haven't heard back so I guess they will not be.

This is interesting though.
I heard from 2 different people that they heard Amy Phillips on CBC radio the other morning being interviewed about the missing items from her daughter's grave.
What is interesting is that she mentioned my name as having offered to help replace the items.
I have yet to hear from Amy but at least I now know that she read my letter and knows that I'm here if she ever wants me.
I'm satisfied with that but would prefer that she take me up on my offer.

I had a conversation with my friend at work who stated that this type of thing happens all the time and if we did keep putting items at the grave they would continue to be stolen until we give up.
To that I say bring it on. I'm up for the challenge.

My good friend and fellow rail enthusiast Steve Boyko has now officially packed up his family and are on the road to Winnipeg to start their new life there.
Actually I just read his Facebook update a few minutes ago and Steve said that they are in Bangor, Maine and he has broken the wire connecting his trailer to the van.
Not a very pleasant start to a long trip I'm afraid.
I joked in the comments that perhaps this is a sign that he is meant to abandon the move and turn around to Fredericton?
I wish it was really. I'm going to miss Steve a lot. He was an excellent president for the Fredericton Friends of the Railway when he took over from me.
I admire Steve a lot. He knows this.
He treated me to lunch at Panos Greek Restaurant on Monday.
We kept it light and had a very nice time.
I'll tell you something. When I first started my interest in the history and state of railways in New Brunswick about 6 years ago I hunted for information on the internet.
Steve's site was the first thing I found and kept me busy for hours. I became a fan right away. Have a look.
He also has this wonderful blog
Please have a look when you get a chance. I think you'll enjoy it.

I'll really miss Steve. Even though we didn't get together very often I was comfortable knowing that he was close by.
He told me at lunch that he will still be close. Virtually. I'd I need him he's an email away.
Thanks for that Steve.
Have a safe trip and bright future in the west my friend.
Thirdly, I'm on vacation at this very moment.
The first such vacation since starting my job last year.
My best pal Mike is flying in from Ontario tomorrow evening for his annual dose of New Brunswick week.
We are picking him up at the Saint John airport and staying there for the night.
Perfect really. The Best Western there is quite nice and the boys love the pool.
They love any pool really.

On Sunday we have booked a ride in the Reversing Falls jet boat.
We did this a couple of years ago and it was wild. We loved it.
I wish I could take pictures while doing it but absolutely EVERYTHING we have with us gets completely soaked on the ride.
So no pictures, sorry. I'll try and get a bunch from before and after the ride.

Time for bed.
I'm going to go to my coffee club gathering tomorrow morning even though I'm on holiday and don't want to wake up early.
I'll tell you about my coffee group another time.
Everyone who is anyone or wants to meet or become anyone in Fredericton is there.

And so am I.

Stay well,

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Train Geek said...

Hey Tim, thanks for the links and the nice writeup. I arrived in the Peg today after 3800+ km of driving. I've driven enough for a while. ;) Take care my friend and we shall be talking.