Friday, February 5, 2010

Got you covered

Holy moly, does life ever get busy! I was shocked to see that it's already been 2 1/2 weeks since my last blog entry. It's a good thing I don't get paid for it or I would have been fired ages ago.
Even now I don't have time to say very much.
What I DO want to say is very important.
The lads from The Urban Farmer have been zipping along very well with their work at the York Street Station.
The front section has a new roof now and the rear portion will have its roof on very shortly as well.
Actually, you can see for yourself if you go here (I'm sorry that this isn't a hyperlink. I can't figure that out. Just copy this address and paste into your navigation bar.):

Pretty cool isn't it? It updates and refreshes every couple of seconds.
Instead of waiting to hear from me or someone else how the work is going you can just pop on the webcam.
Here is a picture from the webcam that I was able to save on my IPhone while I was standing at the site. That blob at the right beside the orange and white lift is yours truly.

It's funny that Big Brad mentioned a few months ago that he wanted this webcam done. But I thought it was going to be called the "Scamcam"? :D

One other thing of note.
The workers were able to cut away the old wooden floor to gain access to the full basement area. This photo shows as it was being cleaned out. I point out that there was originally at least 5 feet of water down here which was pumped out.

This is how it looks now. The entire basement has been filled with stone.
I was again impressed with the fact that as they were adding the stone in layers and compacting it a technician was on site with a nuclear densometer measuring the level of compaction that was being obtained.
If he determined the material was not compacted enough the workers continued tamping it down until it was acceptable. I'm impressed.

I have to go.
I promise that I will have another decent blog done in the near future when I have a few minutes.

Stay well,

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