Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I'm very happy that you agree Boston, Thank-you

Wow, how time "flies". Hehe.
I didn't realize until last night that it was exactly 40 years ago that the best hockey player who ever lived scored the goal that I was just mentioning recently.
I was sitting in a meeting last night and Cheryl sent me an e-mail of the anniversary. I think it came up on TV just before the Montreal/Pittsburgh playoff game.
When I arrived back home I happened to catch the segment on Don Cherry's Coach's Corner about it. I know that some people don't always agree with the things Don says but he and I share the opinion that Bobby Orr was the best hockey player to ever play the game.

I found this great cartoon by illustrator Jim Hunt of the goal. I love it.

40 years! I can't believe it.
I know that I had just recently blogged about it and rambled on about the famous goal but the time didn't hit me until last night.

You certainly wouldn't know it by looking at Bobby Orr.
Look at this guy. He's a grandfather and barely looks like he has aged a day since that game 40 years ago!
The best news I had yesterday was that the city of Boston unveiled a large bronze statue commemorating the moment with Bobby at the ceremony.

I'm seeing something when I watch the videos and read the news about the unveiling. It's exactly what I expect.
As always, every person who has ever known Bobby tells what an amazing guy he is and that their lives have been enriched by knowing him.
And as usual, Bobby is as humble as anyone could ever be and so gracious to be honoured in this way.

In some cases lives have been saved by knowing him.
His teammate Derek Sanderson sunk into alcoholism after his hockey career and it was Bobby who spent his own money to check him into rehab and help Derek get his life back in order.
Derek was on hand at the unveiling as were many of Bobby's past teammates and coaches.

By the way, I have started a group on Facebook named "Bobby Orr for Governor General". I hope that if you haven't yet, you will join it. We have 175 members already. http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/group.php?gid=114482145250401

I figure that Canada could use a break from the CBC bred mediocre foreign journalists and have a true Canadian hero as a representative. Please join and spread the word.

This was in the Boston Herald.
“When you start playing this game you hope and dream about playing in the NHL, and you hope and dream of playing on a Stanley Cup team,” Orr said. “But you never think about having a statue in front of the rink. For this to happen, I’m honored. Harry Weber (the artist) did a wonderful job.”

Whether he likes it or not, there’s never been an athlete more deserving of an honour than Bobby Orr.

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