Thursday, September 30, 2010

On the roads again...

This isn't a big one.
It's also not very interesting to 99.9% of the people who read this or happen to stumble upon it.
Regardless, I just wanted to tell you about something that I'm happy about.

As of tomorrow (October 1, 2010) I am no longer the Chair of the Village of New Maryland Water and Wastewater Committee.
I am taking the helm of the Village's Transportation Committee.
Several weeks ago the Mayor announced that the Chairs of all the Village's Committees were changing.
Except for the Planning Advisory Committee. The Chair of that is a member of the public. This is dictated by the Municipalities Act. This Chair will remain in place but the Co-chair, who is a Councillor, is changing.
I am Co-Chair of the Recreation Committee and will remain in that position.
The Recreation Chair is changing from Deputy Mayor Judy Wilson-Shee to Councillor Scott Sparks.
Scott also happens to be continuing as Co-Chair of Transportation so we'll be spending a fair bit of time together. :)

It really didn't strike me until the end of the Water Wastewater meeting last night just how long I've been involved in that committee.
When I told the committee about the changes Bill O'Donnell pointed out that this committee was where I had started.
You see, I haven't merely been on it since being elected onto Council in 2007 but since immediately after the election in 2003.

In case you're not aware of this I ran for a Council position in 2003 but was unsuccessful. I still wanted to become involved in municipal affairs so I approached the Mayor and offered to join the Water and Wastewater Committee as a public member.
Prior to this the committee consisted solely of members of Council but it was decided that the committee would open up to public members.
I felt that my background in Civil Engineering would be an asset to the committee.
So there I was as one of the first public members.
Coincidentally, at that time Bill O'Donnell was a Councillor and chaired the committee.
He was unsuccessful in his re-election bid but accepted the invitation to re-join the committee as a public member. He and I just switched spots.

When I was elected the Mayor put me into the Chair's position even though I really wanted to join the Transportation Committee.
Thankfully, after 2 years the Mayor has now put me where I asked to be.

Enough of the politics blog stuff for a while.

Now, let's see what this Transportation is all about. :)

Stay well,


cuddles said...

Out of curiosity, what does the Transportation Committee oversee?

Congrats on your move! :)

Tim Scammell, PTech said...

Well let me tell you. The Transportation Committee is responsible for the care and maintenance of the village roads and storm sewer system as well as the Protective services like police and fire matters.
This includes snow plowing.
Garbage pickup as well.
The sanitary sewer is under Water and Wastewater.

cuddles said...

Sounds like you're going to be busy busy! (Or busier busier?) Definitely sounds interesting though!