Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Something really insane happened at the Transportation Committee meeting tonight when the Mayor showed up to have a word with the members. 
I won't get into the details here yet out of respect and the Mayor's request that we keep it confidential until she has had a chance to speak to the members of all of the other Committees of Council as well as the Transportation Committee members that weren't there tonight. 
I'll just say that the mood and energy of the committee up to that point tonight came crashing down to nothing. 
Plus, I really didn't care what we talked about after that anyway because it is now clear that the Village clearly places a value of zero on what the public members of its committees contribute or say. 
I suppose it could be a control thing too. That is probably a very large part of what is about to go down. 
Anyway, there will be first and second reading of the Village bylaw amendment soon and the third and final reading will follow the month afterwards. 
My biggest fear is that the Village business and expertise is about to be drastically changed and not for the better. 
What some people may see as a savings of time and money will end up costing much much more in the long run. Shortsightedness is a constant trait in many groups and organizations that I have been a part of throughout my life. 
Too many little bean counters want their little piles of beans to look wonderful when someone comes by to see it. 
There is no regard or consideration for what is sacrificed from other crucial bean piles to get their piles so lovely but they usually don't care. 
Plus, these beaners HATE when someone comes by and tries to tell them what to do with those beans and suggest ways to use the beans wisely. 
So the beaners shut them out and have the well meaning folks taken out of the equation with everything within their power. 
I'm glad that I've met several beaners that genuinely appreciate input and find ways to listen and implement suggestions that come their way. 
But the Village looks like it's not going to be one of the good ones. 
And that's a shame. 
It's looking more and more like I may have to take another stab at that Council thing sooner than later to see just what the hell is going on in there. 
If the people will take me. 
We have a while to talk about that though. 
For now I'll just get kicked around along with the other members. 

Stay well,

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