Sunday, February 15, 2015

Sometimes the Future Looks Brighter

It's 12:40 am right now on Sunday. I just got back from picking up the boys from the movies. 
A blizzard is on its way and the snow has started. The roads are slick and will be dangerous before long. 
As we were driving along New Maryland Highway and almost at our street we saw a guy staggering along right on the shoulder of the road eating chips or something and clearly not focused on where he was or how he was walking. 
There are minimal streetlights to speak of and this did not look like a good scenario. 
We turned up our street and all agreed that we should go back and check that this guy was okay. Actually, the boys spoke and suggested this before I did. 
So we turned around and headed back to the highway. 
It's a good thing we did. When we got back to him he was on a dark section of the snowy highway but now staggering along in the middle of the road. 
Again, the boys and I immediately agreed that this guy needs our help. 
We pulled up beside him and asked if we could give him a ride. He said sure so I opened the side van door and he climbed in. 
Thankfully, he wasn't too drunk to remember his address in the Applewood subdivision and we headed to his house. 
There is no way this guy would have made it all the way to his house safely tonight in this weather. 
It was very far from where we met him to his home and with his state factored in I don't believe he could have made it. 
One of the boys asked him if he had been at the pub in New Maryland and he said he had been. 
Shouldn't the pub staff have seen what was going on when he got up to leave and started staggering along the highway? Perhaps call a cab for him or something?
We dropped him off at his place and he thanked us. 
The boys and I agree that we did the right thing tonight and even though he was a stranger he needed help. 
Calling the RCMP wouldn't have made sense since they would have taken so long to arrive. 
I just want to say that I'm proud of my boys for speaking the suggestion that we help this man before I said anything. 
I feel good about the future sometimes. 

Stay well,

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