Saturday, March 26, 2016

This day has finally come...

All of these years I've lived to watch my sons in their various activities, most of all hockey. 
All of the early mornings and inconvenient evenings were nothing compared to the joy that Cheryl and I have felt watching them play. 
As much as I love watching the baseball games I confess that the summers were the spaces in between hockey seasons. 
Today, at 4:00, they will play their last game. And it hurts. 
I've known this day was coming and dreaded it. So I tried to put it far back in my mind and pretend I didn't see it coming up fast. 
They're playing for a bronze medal today. It's not as sweet as a silver or gold but it's something special regardless. 
A medal means nothing to me really when I remember all of the golden memories Tyler and Braydon have given to Cheryl and I. 
We've always been proud of you guys.  Whether you won or lost the games, we alway won. 
Win or lose today, you'll always be winners to us.

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