Sunday, October 9, 2016


So now the old Howard Stern interviews with Donald Trump are surfacing as shocking new revelations. 
Really folks, I heard many of those interviews years ago and knew all about them. 
At that time I'm sure Donald had no inkling of an interest or thought he would one day have a shot at the most powerful office in the world. 
He wouldn't have any hesitation talking like that. That's the way Howard works. He gets people to let their guards down and remove filters (if they have filters to start with). 
I have always said and told my kids, if you're going to throw something out there that's inappropriate, the chances are very good that it will boomerang back and hit you in the head. 
You can throw a boomerang as far as you want. It may take a long time or a short time but if it's a sweet throw it will come back.

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