Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I'm still here

I really don't like it when I don't get a chance to do a blog for a while. At the end of the day it feels like I've missed something important.
Now that I see that more people read this than just close friends and family I have a slight sense of duty to them.
Only slight.
There are certain web sites that I like to visit as often as possible. Some of them every day.
A couple of these have funny and interesting movies to watch on my Blackberry.

Another has very interesting articles and news items relating to space and astronomy. This has been a passion of mine since childhood.
Quick tidbit of information for you. Many years ago I joined the Planetary Society.
This was founded by Carl Sagan who is one of my biggest heroes. Right up with Dr. Seuss.
Prior to the launching of the two Mars landers a web site was set up for anyone to go to and add their names to DVDs that were to be affixed to the rovers Spirit and Opportunity.
I am proud to say that my family's names are on Mars at this very moment on the DVDs.
Of course you'll need to get the disks and put them into a DVD drive to see the names. I'll be long gone when (if) that ever happens I'm afraid.
Still, we are there and I find that outstandingly cool.
So you see I like to see what's new or unfathomly old in space.

Cracked.com is a third site I visit faithfully every day.
I don't even recall how I discovered it.
Many will recall Cracked magazine from the 70's and 80's.
This was a vital part of my young days.
I was certainly a fan of Mad magazine but always enjoyed Cracked and Plop more. They just seemed edgier and sharper in their style of humour.
Well, Cracked magazine disappeared sometime. Actually I think it died twice.
But some noble individuals caught the torch from the failing hands and created Cracked.com from the remnants.
It's quite a bit different from the old magazine. They use bad words for one thing. The magazine did not.
I could do without that. It doesn't take away from the humour though like some things.
The style is totally different to me.
In fact, the only thing it shares with the old magazine is the name in my opinion.
But I absolutely love it.
Each day there is a list of the 6 worst or 8 best or 10 most horrendous or whatever. Every one is brilliant.
One of my favourite parts of the day is when I can stop and read the daily list.

However, Cracked.com and I must be in different time zones.
Sometimes I sit down and fire up the BlackBerry to get my Cracked fix only to find that the new day's list isn't there yet.
What a disappointment.
The good thing is that I don't have to wait for too long.

I am certainly not comparing myself to the big dogs like Space.com or Cracked.com but what if there were those who visited my blog every day looking for words of wisdom and deep thought from my brilliant mind? (okay easy, of course I'm kidding).

I would be letting them down if I go for days without a new blog wouldn't I?

Just in case, when I do have spare time I will make an extra effort to blog. I promise.

You're welcome. :)


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