Monday, January 19, 2009

Proof of Age

Forgive me for repeating myself but I would like to mention something that I have already blogged about. I was browsing through my older blogs and decided that my prior mention of the band Age of Daze didn't really do the lads justice.
They were mixed into my blog about the federal election.
This one is about them and nothing else. They certainly deserve it.
Before I forget, their website is

and their Myspace is

Life has been very exciting for our Fredericton heroes since the boys and I saw them at the Playhouse as they were starting their big tour.
The lead singer/guitarist Tim Morrison and guitarist Jon Price are my Facebook friends and are kind enough to provide regular updates for those of us back in New Brunswick who can only watch in awe as they blast across the map taking it by storm.
There was amazing news last week as "Afflicted" broke into the American top 50.
For those of us not completely media savvy we should just know that this is huge news and means the boys are rapidly continuing their rise to greatness.
I am so darn proud of them I could burst.
This couldn't happen to a nicer, more hard working group of musicians.
Except for my good musician friends back in Ontario of course.
I wasn't quite sure how to take Tim Morrison's message this week that Age of Daze will be using the same lawyer as Metallica.
I'm assuming that a lawyer with extensive experience with a mega band like Metallica is ideal to handle any band's affairs.
I'm quite confident that this is a very good thing.
Wouldn't it be interesting if our hometown heroes brought their new buddies Metallica home with them the next time they're here in town?
Perhaps a little jam session at the Aitken Center would be in order?
If not I'll see what I can do to rent out the New Maryland Center for a quiet evening of soothing melodies.
Leave it with me.
What do you guys think?

Listen to this.
Cheryl's birthday was on December 12th.
I thought it would be pretty cool for her to get a "special message" from a celebrity.
I sent Tim a quick little note and crossed my fingers that he would get it in time.
Within the hour Cheryl received an extra special message from Age of Daze wishing her a very Happy Birthday.
How's that for fan appreciation?
Cheryl thought that it was pretty neat but I was impressed beyond words.

Before I forget I should mention the names of guys in the band.

Tim Morrison - Vocals/Guitar
Matt McLaughlin - Bass
Jamie Norrad - Guitar
Jon Price - Guitar
Pat Pelletier - Drums

Now you know.
Keep your eyes on this band.
2009 should be monstrous at the rate they are moving.

Just don't forget to visit us back home, okay guys?


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