Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Not much to say today

I'm not really in the mood to write a big blog today.
I'm feeling a little out of sorts really. Perhaps the change in the weather has something to do with it.
Maybe I haven't recovered from all the driving on the weekend yet?
Not to worry. I'll be okay.
I do want to tell that I drove by the York Street station today and there were a bunch of guys about. A couple were dressed in work clothes.
I was on my way somewhere and didn't have time to stop and research what they were doing.
So I blasted a quick email off to Charles telling him about it. He replied that he was going over so I expect he will have it blogged soon.
I did however get back down there around lunchtime.
Everyone was gone and I noticed to my surprise that all of the little trees and weeds that had grown madly all around the building were also gone!
I took this picture with my Blackberry so I'm sorry about the poor quality.
I did get some real pictures too which I will try to post on my Facebook soon.
Oh, I had a message from Mary Keith at J. D. Irving the other day pointing out that the Friends of the Railway Geocities website was very outdated.
I was on my way to Ontario but send Steve Boyko a note asking if he could go in and change things around and put the new picture of the proposed building up.
Steve tried to do it but was unable to make any changes.
He reminded me that geocities is closing down forever and we can't do anything with the page anymore.
So after all these years we're losing that old thing.
I think we are going to get a new site up and running to keep folks updated as frequently as possible.
Stay tuned.
That's all for now.

Stay well,

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