Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wrapping it up

All righty then.
Tonight we head to Ontario for what will likely be the last time for quite a while. For me anyway.
It's going to be a very long night. I have a Council meeting beforehand which I can't miss then we start driving right after that and don't stop until we get there.
I mentioned previously that my mother's house has been sold.
The closing date is in November but we decided to take advantage of the long Thanksgiving weekend to head out and pick up the last of any items that are mine or that we would like to have.
The remainder of Mom's things will go to charity or to auction and the proceeds distributed accordingly.
I'm feeling a lot of anxiety over this trip. It will not be enjoyable in the slightest.
The good thing is that I won't be alone this time as I was in May. That was very difficult and in hindsight a bad idea.
We have a trailer reserved at UHaul in Ontario. The truck had a trailer hitch and the wiring installed 2 days ago.
We will visit with one or two friends but otherwise are just on a mission to get in and get out.
Just as well I don't see too many friends while we are there since I really don't think I will be very good company anyway.
This will be the last time I go to the house. I'm positive of that.
I have no desire to go near it after this trip.
It usually doesn't take long for new owners of a home to begin modifying and changing a house to suit their personal tastes. I think it would be pretty painful to go by there and see things changed from what Mom and Tom had spent so long doing to make the house their home.
Maybe 20 years from now if I happen to be in the area I may pass by out of curiousity but I will steer clear for many years.
I actually questioned even doing this trip but there is an old wooden desk that used to be my grandfather's that Mom had designated to go to me. It was far too costly to have it shipped so this turned out to be the way we decided to do it.
I know that there are other things of mine that we will bring back as well but truthfully I was ready to just leave them and not even bother.
One thing I realize is that what we bring back has to actually go somewhere in our home, which won't be easy! We're pretty full as it is!
Ah well.
Just get this done and move on. That's what I will focus on for the next few days.
It's kind of funny but I used to love any opportunity to go back to Ontario.
I'm afraid I am just looking forward to seeing it in the rear-view mirror right now.
I really hate to say that since most of my dearest and oldest friends are there.
But they'll understand. That's why they are my oldest and dearest friends.
Don't worry, I'll be back.
Just not for a little while.

Stay well, and I mean that.

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Rhonda Merkley Maccarone said...

Well you are very special Tim. Hope you have a safe and productive trip. Enjoy being with your family even if it's hard to be back there. And if you really think it will be years before you come back to Toronto again then you have another thing coming. I'm not waiting 20 years for another reunion so don't plan on being away too long. Besides I still haven't met Cheryl yet. I don't want to be 60 when that happens. Drive carefully! God Bless you my friend.