Monday, December 7, 2009

What would you say about this?

Okay, let me ask you something.
Let's just say that you and two other parties are contributing
financially toward a project.
Each portion is exactly the same as the other two.
To illustrate let's say that the project is a playground in the middle
of your street. Just for an example okay?
This playground will be used by the kids on your street. It's clear
that it will be more for your benefit but your other two parties will
look pretty darn good in the process and will let it be known far an
wide that they kicked in equally for the playground to be built.
In my mind they'll look like heroes really. The kids will always know
that Shep and Keester (I just made these names up) paid as much as you
did for the playground.
Shep and Keester live nearby but not exactly on your street. They are
very well known to all though.
Keester is pretty cool. He doesn't ask for much and is satisfied just
knowing that the playground is being built.
Shep on the other hand is a pretty demanding little jerk.
In fact, he insists that because he is paying money into the project
then the playground has to be built by a pal of his.
Nobody else will have a chance to price the job and you have to pay
Shep's pal whatever he asks to be paid.
No questions.
If you don't do what Shep says he just won't pay his share of what he
has already agreed to pay for the playground.

What do you think about this situation?

Of course I have created this scenario to resemble a real-life
situation which
I may or may not tell you about one day.

Regardless, this Shep character is pretty shady and one who acts this
way quite often.
I have another Shep story to tell sometime soon.
Another fictional scenario to resemble real-life.

Stay well,

Tim Scammell, PTech

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Rhonda Merkley Maccarone said...

We've faced problems like this in the church where people want to donate money but once they do they think that they run the church and what they say should go. We just take the money and hand it back to them and say thank you very much but no thank you. We have a board that makes all the decision (after hearing the whole congregation of course). We always make it very clear now that if you donate money for a certain project, that doesn't mean you get to be in charge! If it is something that is meant to be then God will find another contributor. I would make it very clear that it can't be run that way ....or then only the rich people of this world would always have their way. Oh and it's about time you wrote on your blog.