Tuesday, June 8, 2010

No Toy Gets Left Behind...

Since I have started doing this blog there have been times that I had to stop somewhere in my writing because the emotions were too strong for me.
I can think of two occasions where I never did post the blog that I had been writing and deleted them completely. One was a rather angry blog and the other was very sad.
I just didn't think that anyone would want to, or should have to, read them.

On a couple of other instances I just stopped where I was, pushed the "Save Now" button and left for a while. A time later I returned and finished them and the blog was posted.

I have wondered if someone would be able to sense while reading at what point I had stopped and restarted again by a changing tone or emotional level?
I try to keep a consistent level throughout and make reading seamless.

This is one of those that I stopped and returned to. I actually started it three times but only just finished it.
I wasn't sure where I wanted this to go or how I wanted it to feel.

In the end I decided that I don't want to bring a reader too far down but just wanted to say what I want to say.
So here it is.

In 1995, a relatively unknown animation studio by the name of Pixar released Toy Story and it was distibuted by Walt Disney pictures.
Some time before it was released into the theatres I remember seeing a commercial on TV for it and thought "that is going to be a very cool movie!"

When I still lived in Ontario my sister Hayley, my mother and I used to go out for dinner and a movie on occasion to catch up with what was new and enjoy ourselves. We all agreed that Toy Story was a good choice and went to the theater at Square One in Mississauga to see it shortly after it was released.

Of course we loved it and my love of everything Pixar was born.

Since that time Cheryl and I were married and our twin sons were born 12 years ago.
As with so many homes around the world we have seen every Pixar Animation movie released since then and loved them all.

A couple of years ago I heard that Toy Story 3 was in the works so on March 7, 2008 I sent this message to Hayley and mom.
"I've read that Toy Story 3 will be out in 2010.
Let's plan to see it together in the theater like we did with the first one in 1995.

Hayley replied with
"I'm there!!! :o)
Love, Hayley xo etc."

And mom with
"Me too, definitely! Looking forward to it!
Mum xoxoxo"

And that was our plan.

Hayley was sick at that time but it looked like it would all work out.
Mom wasn't feeling 100% but the "C" word had not been used yet in reference to her condition.

No-one could possibly have imagined that within the next 9 months we would lose them both.

So here we are in June 2010. Toy Story 3 will be in theatres in a few days.

I have been waiting for this and feeling very excited and sad at the same time.

Mom and Hayley won't be in the theater to see Toy Story with me this time.
In their places will be my wife Cheryl and two great little guys that have never known a world without the wonderful work of Pixar.

But sadly we have had to adjust to a world without mom and Hayley.

I'll be thinking of them as I watch the movie and may have a tear or so but we'll have a lot of fun and enjoy the show.

Mom and Hayley would want it that way.

Stay well,


Jeannine said...

Well done Tim - you made me cry, but not too much. Hug your family tight as you head into the show.

Maureen said...

They will be there watching with you, I am sure of that. Enjoy it!