Friday, November 11, 2011

This Says It All

This is the passage that I read today at the New Maryland Remembrance Day service.

It's quite short but to me it says everything.
Councilor McCaie-Burke read the same passage in French.

In Memoriam read by Councillors Tim Scammell & Gisèle McCaie-Burke

“With pride and gratitude we remember our Comrades who, serving in the Canadian and Allied Armed Forces, made the supreme sacrifice for Sovereign and Country.  Others of our Comrades we remember with deep affection who, since their return to Canada, have been called to Higher Service.”

It was raining a fair amount and was chilly but thankfully it wasn't very windy as the forecast had called for.

This was the last service that I read as a Councillor. For a while anyway.

I was very impressed by the large number of people who ignored the elements to attend.

We will not forget those who served and sacrificed for us.

Stay well,

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