Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Very Thankful Indeed

I recently read an article on being a thankful parent of twins.

The American Thanksgiving is coming up this weekend and being thankful is a common theme throughout the internet these days.

There were a several areas where our experiences differed as the article was written from a mother's perspective but all in all it pretty well nailed down my feelings too.

The author mentioned many things that twins share including their birthdays.
One major difference of our situation to the article is that our guys do NOT share the same birthday.
T was born before midnight on April 17 and B was delivered after midnight on April 18.
It's not a common thing for twins but one that we have been very happy about.

For their whole lives we have strived to highlight the boys' individuality.

We haven't dressed them alike or tried to make them appear the same as many parents of multiples do.
They're not the same.

They are their own person and having different birthdays is another fantastic way to show that.

To this day I still have people that are surprised when I tell them even though the boys look alike, they are very different in many many ways.

It's funny but when the boys were babies I had someone argue with me that they were not twins because of having different birthdays.
Needless to say I didn't bother arguing very long with that kind of logic. I just left that chap to think as he wishes.

One point mentioned that twins have a special bond even though they will inevitable squabble with each other.
Man, do I ever understand this one.
Sometimes the bickering makes me crazy and I can't ever imagine that they will EVER stop going at each other.

Then they do something awesome like make a funny video together as they did this past weekend which shows me that when they DO settle in and work together they can do magic.

Another great example is when they both go down into their music room to play together.
T on the piano and B on the drums.
Unfortunately these sessions usually only last for a couple of minutes before artistic differences put an end to the sessions but for those few minutes that they actually sit and play music together it's amazing.

I recall a guy that I worked with in Ontario who is a twin.
When our boys were babies I talked to him about being a twin. I naturally assumed that he and his brother are best friends and said so.

I was floored when he told me that he hates his brother.
He told me that when they were kids they would fight and hit each other so hard that they would make each other pee blood.

Now I'm betting with certainty that this is a rare example of a twin dynamic.

I wonder how their parents feel about these guys hating each other so much?

The very thought of that makes me feel sick to my stomach.
I am going to put that away and feel comfortable that my boys will never feel that way.

The article referred to a multiple birth being short and sweet and getting two babies at once. I'm pretty sure that Cheryl may not agree with the short and sweet point.
She went full term with our guys.
They were delivered naturally.
T was 7 pounds 9 ounces and B was 8 pounds 11 ounces.
Those who know about this will understand what she went through.
The delivery room was so full of people it was almost difficult to move.
There was a medical team for each baby as well as for Cheryl.

I'd like to say again right here that another thing that I am very thankful for is that I am a guy and will never have to go through what the ladies do. Lol.

The article referred to twins sharing private jokes and often even a special language with each other.
I love this one. It's totally true.
One thing my sons have between them is the way they call each other. It's hard to describe here but I'll just say that it's unique.

Ever since our sons were small I have repeatedly told them that friends will probably come and go throughout their whole lives. Unfortunately girlfriends and companions likely will as well.

Even Cheryl and I will be gone one day.

But, the constant thay will always have throughout anything and everything for their whole lives will be each other.

For that they should always be as I am.
Very thankful.

Stay well,

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