Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Amazing Birthday Girl

I'll bet my wife is going to see this headline and think that it's about her.
Her birthday is tomorrow (12th) and it's a milestone for her.
Sorry sweety. You are amazing but I want to mention someone that I've known a little longer.
My whole life actually.
My grandmother was 96 years young yesterday (10th).
What a fantastic lady! She lives in her own house in Fredericton.
Granny loves it when anyone visits her and can always tell you of what's transpired along the street that day.
She is the best Neighbourhood Watcher the world has ever seen.
If she isn't doing a puzzle of some kind, reading or playing cards she watches the world go by from her favourite chair.
I really wanted to do this blog on her birthday but haven't had a chance until now.
I'm sure she won't mind.

Happy Birthday Granny!
We all love you,


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