Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I don't have time for a long blog and may or may not get to one in the next few days.

Our family has decided to head off to Ontario tomorrow to be with my mother for what is likely to be her last Christmas.

Cancer is the nastiest, most horrendous disease that has ever plagued the Earth.

It's not done ripping out my heart and soul yet. It started years ago with my close friend Andy, then my step-father Tom almost 6 years ago, Hayley a couple of months ago and now it's going to steal my mother from us.

They say that if these things don't kill you they make you stronger.

If that's the case I'm ready to be Hercules.

The weather has been a nightmare. Last night we had what I believe is the worst snowstorm since we have lived in New Brunswick.

Last night the blowing blizzard felt like it was about to blow the windows in.

I am crossing my fingers that the highway from here to Ontario through Quebec is a little less terrifying than it usually is during the winter.

We are driving through the night when Cheryl and I get home from work tomorrow.

There is nothing pleasant about this trip at all.

We have a beautiful Christmas tree here but we aren't going to be here on Christmas morning to see it. The boys are being real little troopers about this and I'm very proud of them.

We all realize that no matter what we have to endure over the next few days it's nothing compared to the thought of my poor mother in a hospital bed without her family with her on Christmas.

We will do our best but I honestly don't feel that it's possible to have a Merry Christmas this year.

I hope that everyone else is able to do so on my behalf.


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Train Geek said...

It's good that you will be with her, Tim. You're a good man. My best wishes go with you.