Thursday, February 12, 2009


I contacted a friend the other day to get his opinion.

You see, this friend is quite knowledgeable on all things political as he has been around the track several times and doesn't have any interest in slowing down.

His opinion is certainly one that I trust.

I wanted his thoughts of the way I approach issues and show the world what I think about the way things are handled.

I'm pretty sure that most people seeing this know what I mean.

I have had a lot of support from friends and family. Amazingly, I heard from a total stranger who told me that my approach is all right.

However I have also been told that I AM heading down a path of self destruction and political suicide when I write about Council issues and those involved in my blogs.

I'm not a samarai performing hari kari.

My Blackberry and PC are not katanas.

It's not the same. Not at all.

Samarai killed themselves following defeat out of shame in order to restore honour in death.

I do what I do out of the desire to see things which I don't think are fair put right.

Many politicians at various levels imagine themselves climbing to the next level above where they are.

For me that would be becoming a provincial MLA and federal MP and perhaps Prime Minister of Canada.

Political suicide on my part would involve the elimination of any possibility of becoming an MLA along with the loss of my current Councillor status.

My friend is above the municipal level and knows of these things.

I asked if a party was looking for an individual to stand for them in a provincial election to become an MLA, would they look for a Tim Scammell or someone who is quieter and laid back on issues.

My friend told me that in his opinion Tim Scammell would be an excellent MLA.

He told me that I am "engaging" and that I don't sit and watch things happen.

I speak my mind and have the interests of the voters at heart.


I like that.


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