Saturday, February 14, 2009

Shhh! It's a secret!

I'm going to share one of the biggest secrets of New Maryland. I'm doing this because I trust you not to tell the whole world.
I don't want everyone from Fredericton, Oromocto or anywhere else hearing this or they'll want to come and use it.
Most of the people who live in New Maryland seem to be unaware of this little gem as well.

Not a problem.
It gives the boys and I more room to play.
You see, in winter the Village floods the basketball and tennis courts to turn into skating rinks.
The basketball courts are for those who want to play hockey and the tennis courts are for skating only.

You can see from the two pictures with this blog that this seems to be such a secret that nobody uses them!
Except for my boys and I that is.
One of the pictures shows the ice when it was brand new a couple of weeks ago. We were the first ones to use it.
The other picture was taken just a short while ago. It's flippin cold and windy today but it's better than it was.

In both pictures we are alone.
Don't get me wrong. Many times we come here and there are people skating and hockey players everywhere.

Most of the time it's just us though.
I don't understand.
Another thing about the rinks which the pictures may not quite get across is that the ice surface is amazing!

In the years we have been here this is the best I have ever seen.
I think this is perhaps suitable for curling.

Well, maybe not that good but darn close.

We love it here.
It's close to our house and centrally located in the Village.

But it's a secret so don't tell anyone, okay?

Hidden in plain sight.


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