Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Your Majesty!

I'm not sure if anyone remembers the 1991 movie "Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves" with Kevin Costner.
It was actually a pretty lousy movie in my opinion.
I don't think Kevin Costner even tried to learn how to do a proper English accent for the part.
There was one really good part which just happened to be at the end.
The movie consists of the crazy goings on of Robin Hood against the evil Sheriff of Nottingham and Prince John with the usual good guy who breaks the law for the good of the poor, bad guys try to squash good guy but good guy is clever and defeats them theme.
After the dust settles we suddenly see Sean Connery as King Richard who rides in from the Crusades in time to tell Robin and his Merry Lads that he's cool with what they are doing.
He gives them the typical royal high five and the partying begins in earnest.

I don't know if anyone caught this but the reason I mention this one scene is that a very similar thing happened to me on these very pages recently.

Blogging royalty swooped in, gave me the proverbial high five and blessed this blog.

I'm talking about the soon to be legendary Mike Morrison. Blogging newbies like me strive to be what Mike has become.
(Charles, you are still wonderful and a good friend so don't get upset, okay?)

Mike is so good at what he does that he actually gets PAID to write his stuff! Real money!

Currently living in Calgary, Mike pops in and out of Fredericton when he wishes to keep his fans (and his mom) happy.

Seriously, the first time I saw Mike was in an article in the paper which told all about his amazing life. Since then I have made a point to check his blog on a fairly regular basis.
You can also check him out at http://www.blogger.com/profile/16535296577432392528.
You'll enjoy it. I guarantee it.
Last Friday night I was invited to the annual banquet and awards for the professional engineers association of New Brunswick. Being president of NBSCETT does get me invited to a free meal once in a while.
Cheryl and I had a very nice time chatting with the other people at our table.
One of the ladies mentioned that her daughter is friends with a blogger.
I asked her who it was and she told me it is Mike.
THE Mike?? I asked her, to ensure that I heard correctly. It was indeed our young lad Mike.
I'm assuming the lovely lady looked at this little blog and mentioned it to her daughter to tell Mike.

I was very happy to see a friendly encouraging comment from Mike on my last blog.
He's quite a guy.
Oh, he also has a stunning hair style. If I do say so myself. And I do.
Hair is overrated anyway isn't it Mike?

A couple of weeks ago I was pleasantly surprised to see an article discussing the future of the York Street Station and what should be done with it.
This article was written by Mike, Duncan Noble and fellow New Marylander Jennifer Major.
Happily, all three were in support of repairing it.
Have a look.

I sent in a letter to the editor telling that if there was enough support out there like that of Mike, Duncan and Jennifer then Steve Boyko and I would do our best to get fired up again for one last run and saving the station.
Without the support I'm afraid we are just becoming too tired of smashing our heads against the wall.
It just becomes too emotionally draining being so passionate about something that is slipping away before your eyes.
I felt it for so long and was really hoping that Steve wouldn't. Sadly I was wrong and it has taken a toll on him too.

Fear not Steven! It appears that the king may have a quest for us.
To continue the fight for the Station.

Our holy grail.


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