Monday, March 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Sir!

I want to thank my friend Gary for telling me about the Google nameplate today. (Please don't sue me Mr. Google for using the picture.)

The usual Google letters are made up of some of his best known characters including the Cat in the Hat as the "G", the Grinch as the "L" and Fox in Socks as the "E".

How truly cool is that.

The Greatest Doctor Who Ever Lived would have been 105 today.

He hasn't aged a day to me.

It's a coincidence I'm sure but Cheryl brought home a DVD of The Lorax yesterday which she borrowed from a friend.

The Lorax has a message which you know is close to my heart.

The Doctor published it in 1971. I haven't the time right now to go into it fully but will say that The Lorax was Dr. Seuss' way to speak out against the destruction of the environment.

And he does it so well.

It's not a happy story and gets the point across in a blunt way.

Tell you what. I will talk about The Lorax in The Greatest Doctor Who Ever Lived - Part 4.

For now, let's go have some cake and a party for the 105th birthday of one of my favourite people ever.


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