Saturday, March 14, 2009

Where did THIS come from??

Holy mackerel! I turn around for a minute and the world realigns itself!
This article was on the front page of today's Daily Gleaner.
I had heard nothing about this prior to seeing the article.
I'm darn proud of Shawn Berry for breaking the story.
Shawn is a wonderful guy and an excellent journalist.
If it wasn't for Shawn the station may have faded from the public memory a long time ago.
I have a pretty decent relationship with the media in Fredericton but Shawn has always been my favourite.
He puts his heart and passion behind what he does and draws the same from his subjects.
I hope that he goes far. He deserves it.
Here is a link to the story.

A funny thing about this is that Charles must have bought his Gleaner early today since he blogged it so quickly.
Charles scooped by the Gleaner...
It's a world gone mad, isn't it Charles? :)

Good job though pal. Seriously.

One thing that bugs me a little but is that after all of the work that Steve Boyko and I have done fighting for the station, Liz Burge and The Fredericton Heritage Trust have happily jumped into the spotlight to throw in their 3 cents worth.
The Fredericton Heritage Trust usually stays silent about anything until some good news is on the horizon. Then they jump onto the good news bandwagon.
I hesitate to criticize them too much since Bill Thorpe was such a large part of what they used to be right up to his passing.
We know I loved Bill like family. His outspokenness and optimism was an inspiration to this City.
The City wisely renamed the old railway bridge the William Thorpe walking bridge in his honour.
A wonderful decision.

It's quite unfortunate that Ms. Burge and crew are so timid.
Their heart is in the right spot but their courage can't keep up.
When they were considering purchasing the station from Irving not a sound was made about it anywhere.
I offered to assist in any way I could but was told nicely over lunch to stay out of it.
So I did.

Well I'm happy that someone is ready to wave the flag of victory.
I don't think that Steve or I have the energy left to do it.
Stay well,

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Anonymous said...

How much will the Irvings make on this deal?

Tim Scammell, Professional Technologist said...

THAT is a very good question, Anonymous...

Anonymous said...

1923, it's not that old then. I say tear it down, before it falls down.With heil hitler Graham on the loose, we are all in trouble.Tax payers need services, not old polluted train stations