Sunday, August 1, 2010

Around the Block

I'm going to call upon my inner geek to illustrate a point.
Do you remember the Borg in the Star Trek shows and movies?
They were the nasty green, black and pasty humanoid things with all sorts of spare parts strapped to them that looked like they had come from someones television or stereo.

The Borg strolled around the universe assimilating everyone they met into their collective mind. Everyone that was assimilated turned into one of their drones.

The ships that the Borg mainly travelled around in were monstrously enormous cubes with each edge being several thousand meters long.
Each one of these cubes contained hundreds of thousands of Borg drones.

That's an awful lot of drones living inside a cube.
That's also one humongous cube too, isn't it?

Another name for a cube is a block.

Let's look at that huge Borg block for a moment.

That's about the same size as the writer's block that I've had lately towards this blog.

It will come back so please bear with me. I'll get back into the swing eventually. I hope.

And I hope that someone will still be out there to read it.

Stay well,


cuddles said...

a) Good Borg description. I've always had a love/hate relationship with them. The scared the bejesus out of me, but I always found them to be intriguing. My heart broke when Captain Picard was assimilated.

b) I'll still be here when the block goes away. :)

Rhonda Maccarone said...

It's unforgivable, I'm never reading your blog again!
From your very loving, Pastor Rhonda