Thursday, August 19, 2010

Steve! You're Back! You Brought The Steaks?

One quick note.
The Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper is rolling through New Brunswick today and is popping into New Maryland for a barbecue later this afternoon.
It's interesting that he chose our fair village to rest and have a bite but a fine choice if I do say so myself.

The Council was told about this last week but we were told not to say anything until the word went public. (It has, don't worry. I'm not breaking any rules.)
At first we were told that this would be open to the Mayor and Councillors only and no spouses or family were invited.
Then I had a voicemail message from the Progressive Conservative party indicating that anyone was invited but at a cost of $30 per person.
I didn't really want to pay that for Cheryl and the boys and they didn't want to be there that badly as to pay for it.
Then yesterday I had another message from the PCs saying that anyone could come at no cost!
I like that price so Cheryl and the boys will be coming as well.
One thing I'm not sure about is what the difference is between the list that I am on and the list that they were put on.
We shall see.

Now, who is bringing what for this barbecue? If I have to bring salads and Stephen only needs a bag of chips I'm going to say something. :)
I kid, I kid. I'm looking forward to this. Everyone knows how much I love photo-ops.

I had my picture with Stephen a couple of years ago when he zipped through town on the day before the election.
Maybe he'll let me do another picture like that.

I heard that a lady was arrested earlier today up in Miramichi for slapping someone when she couldn't get in to see Mr. Harper up there. I think she is a Liberal but I'm not positive.

I'll report back later after our BBQ.

Stay well,

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