Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Good Reporting Folks, Now Fix It!

I'm still having pretty strong emotions of the death of Kenny MacLean.
Even though I saw Bill Clinton in Moncton yesterday and enjoyed it very much, Kenny is at the forefront of my mind.

The emotions are not all sorrow at this point. There is quite a bit of anger now.

This anger is at the media outlets who reported yesterday that "Local police were releasing few details last night, but early reports suggested Mr. MacLean succumbed to a drug overdose".

Today this same media has told us:
"Canada Washington/Toronto  - The death of Kenny MacLean, the former Platinum Blonde bassist, was likely due to heart problems, the Toronto Star reported Tuesday."


"Mark Holmes, a friend of MacLean, told the newspaper that the preliminary results of an autopsy suggested his death was due to a heart problem."

Who the hell gave out these "early reports"? Was it a police source? Was it a friend of Kenny? Was it an ambulance attendant?
Perhaps it was someone walking by the reporters and commented that he had once seen someone going into a house with a big bag from Shopper's Drug Mart and thought to himself "Wow! That's a big bag! I hope it's not all cold medication in there. That could cause an overdose!"

Does this same source go around to all of the papers etc. afterwards and apologise for being wrong?
Who apologises to Kenny's family and friends?

I know what the answer is. Noone apologises.
There is no accountability for poor research and journalism.
And that stinks.
I spent time today hitting numerous web sites and forums correcting and scolding people for making stupid comments about Kenny based on stupid information.
I know it was an exercise in futility but he deserves some respect!
Kenny MacLean did so much for so many, including extensive volunteering and charity work, that I'll be damned if I don't try.

If the ones doing the damage won't help repair it, the rest of us will have to.

On the National Post web site I commented "Wednesday, Nov 26, 2008 Why the heck would this article mention a drug overdose? Today it is being reported that the preliminary results of an autopsy suggested his death was due to a heart problem. Why don't you wait for the facts before saying something stupid! You owe many people an apology."
Another reader responded to me "Gargoyle_7,  Wednesday, Nov 26, 2008 Tim, Do you want a list of 80's rockers who have died in their early 50's due to 'heart problems'? (not to mention the rockers who actually OD'd) My understanding is that (excessive) cocaine use weakens the heart and even if someone has been clean for years (or decades) the damage may be done. I have no opinion as to Mr. MacLean's lifestyle, but it seems at least reasonable to mention it."

While I admire Gargoyle_7's manners and diplomatic writing style I don't agree with his/her logic at all.
To me, if a malfunction of the heart is the cause, it is the cause.
There is absolutely no way that anyone could say beyond a doubt that Kenny's heart stopped functioning because of a substance in his past.

He was brushing his teeth getting ready for bed!

That's enough about this foolishness.
I've done all that I can to battle the forces of stupidity for today.
I'm not wasting any more time on it.
We all have to start healing now.
Personally, I'm going downstairs to listen to some Platinum Blonde before I go to bed.


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Jaimie Vernon said...

Great blog about the irresponsibility of the media reporting on Kenny's death. Ironically, they also reported Frankie Venom's death incorrectly as well. The real cause was, in my mind, much worse than just 'natural causes'.

Keep up the fight