Thursday, November 6, 2008

Why Thank-you!

Something quite interesting happened the other day.
In a letter addressed to Charles and copied to practically the whole world I was mentioned and referred to as Big Bald Timmy and something about being Charles' Blogger Buddy.
I'm pretty sure that was talking about me since I am big and bald and am a friend of Charles.
But to be referred to as a Blogger?
Is that my claim to fame?
That's a new concept for me.
I have been writing this as a sort of diary and some folks have actually stopped in to read it.
But to be thought of as a "blogger"? That's pretty heavy and quite a compliment.
Over the last few years I learned what a blog is and have read some remarkable blogs that I could only dream of holding a candle to.
I have come to the realisation that there is likely a blog about absolutely anything.
So it just stands to reason that the topic of politics is being (b)flogged to death.
Is that really fair to the folks browsing to read some cool items about cool stuff?
I suppose it doesn't really matter. I don't do this to be a crowd pleaser. If no one comes to read it that's fine.
As long as I am happy with it.
Charles' blog is packed with pictures and videos and hits the hot topics in the news.
When something goes down and I am interested or involved with it I'll write about it.
Not much interesting is going on at New Maryland Council at the moment though.
Really, it's pretty dry. We're doing our budgets for 2009 presently.
Let's think about it this way. In 10 years if someone like my kids read through this blog is it going to be somewhat interesting for them?
It will be interesting to see how some of the more political topics of today turn out in the future but certainly not every one.
For example, if I could travel into the not too distant future I would like to see how(if) the York Street Station works out. Or maybe not.
It looks to me like Charles and other local folk are doing a pretty good job of digging and prodding into the hot local topics of today. There's not much that I could add to that really.
I will when I can.
With that in mind I think I will try to focus this blog on other things on my mind.
If anyone comes to read it I hope they enjoy it.
Let me know either way.

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