Friday, November 7, 2008

The Greatest Doctor Who Ever Lived - Part 1

The greatest doctor who ever lived on this planet is one who passed away several years ago on September 24, 1991.

I remember hearing the news at the time and feeling very very sad at the loss.

I'm quite confident that his work had an effect on everyone on the planet who had ever experienced it.

I feel that his wisdom far surpassed any of the great minds in history.

I am unable to say if he personally saved any lives directly but guarantee that indirectly he saved many.

Amazingly, his writings are read and studied thoroughly by thousands every single day over most parts of the world.

More amazing is that the most open young minds understand his work instantly where the most studious analytical persons may miss the meaning for a little while.

Even though most of his work was done decades ago it remains completely relevant to today's society.

His name was Theodore Geisel.

We all knew him as Dr. Seuss.

The greatest doctor who ever lived.

In my next blog I'll start to tell you why I honour and respect him so highly.


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