Sunday, November 2, 2008

It was great! You should have seen it!

Stupid BlackBerry.

I was working on a great blog this week about air travel and how it's changed since the 1950's and 1960's.

I wanted to write it after my trip to Vancouver last weekend.

I had a great old picture of the grand old glory days showing the friendly stewardesses smiling and everyone was so happy.

Nowadays nobody smiles because we are all crunched in like sardines and miserable.

For a 6 hour flight we didn't even get anything to eat. They were selling a little pack of Pringles for 2 dollars. What a deal.

At least we had pop at no extra cost.

Oh yes, they offered us a candy!

That's all I'm going to say about that amazing blog. It's gone now.

Let me tell you why.

About a year ago I bought this BlackBerry Pearl.

One day I noticed that a bunch of my emails were gone.

I figured out that when the memory of this thing gets full it just arbitrarily dumps email messages and Facebook notes without asking me first.

If I happen to do some web browsing for a while the BlackBerry memory fills itself up with web page stuff which stays there until I do a "battery pull" (reset) and clear it off.

This burns me. Even more when I note that I can't save any emails or messages to the 2 gigabyte card that I put in.

I researched forums and web sites everywhere to see if there was a solution for this.

I found out there is none.

Since learning this I have had to monitor the memory and clear it when it's getting full.

Sometimes I don't catch it in time and this is what happens. I lose something that I've been working on. Most reading this will think "why don't you blog on your PC like everyone else?"

I could do that but don't want to.

It's far easier doing this when I'm comfortable.

I suppose if I lose too many more of these I will consider the old PC again.

Stupid BlackBerry....


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