Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Double Header!

I'm going to do something rare and post 2 blogs today.
I could do them together but I don't want one to take away from the other so separate they shall be.
A couple of things to mention.
First of all, are the boys really tired today, as I expected.
After a summer of running around outside and excitement they had to spend a full day inside a school.
I was right about them being somewhat bewildered and confused but it will all work out fine.
Heck, they figured out how to work their combination locks on the first day!
I think it took me several years to get that down smoothly.
One things that ticks me off a little is that the boys have been put into separate classes.
That isn't so bad but I think that we should have been consulted about it.
Twins are a different dynamic than regular siblings and needs a bit more thought.
In elementary school that choice was left up to us.
We started them together for the first couple of years.
Then we decided to separate them to avoid the chance of one doing better than the other and inferiority feelings arising.
That didn't really work out so well so they were put back together and all was well again.
I'm trying to figure out what they want to do.
Trying to get a straight answer is proving to be impossible.
I'm thinking that after spending so much time together this summer that they're looking forward to a but of space apart.
But I'm also thinking that as the year goes on they will want to be closer again.
Maybe I'm wrong. We'll see.
For now we may just keep it as it is and see how it unfolds.
It was a wild scene this morning I'll tell you.
I think almost every single parent decided to drive their kids. Traffic was crazy.
The location of the new school used to be a neighbourhood park.
In fact, part of the schoolyard used to be a baseball diamond. My friend had a geocache hidden behind it. It's gone now.
I'm sure the local residents were thrilled with the way this all worked out.
They lost a peaceful park and gained a yard full of wild energy.
It sure is a nice school though.
Although I can't help but notice that whenever a new school is built the exterior always resembles a prison.


Blog number 2 to follow.

Stay well,

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Anonymous said...

It does seem thoughtless of the school to separate the boys without discussion. Hope they do ok and enjoy school life :)