Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Why thank you! I would be happy to be there!

I received a call this afternoon from a young lady from NB Liquor inviting me to a press conference on Friday morning.
It will be at the Centennial Building downtown.
As you may have guessed the topic is the proposed future of the York Street Station.
MLAs Rick Miles and Greg Byrne will be there along with representatives of J. D. Irving Ltd.
She didn't say but I'm hoping Mayor Brad Woodside will also be there.
He's been fighting this battle as hard as anyone.
I'm not sure if Premiere Graham will be there or not.
Looks like I have to put the suit on and look presentable again.

I will report fully after the conference.
Wish me luck!
Hopefully they won't ask me to speak. :)

Stay well,

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