Monday, September 14, 2009

Goodbye Patrick

I just heard a short while ago that Patrick Swayze has passed away this evening.
Another loss of great talent to that horrible disease.
Such a shame.
I actually saw it mentioned in Twitter first and quickly confirmed it looking in Google news.
Information travels so fast now doesn't it?
Immediately we hear sad, horrific, happy news from around the world.
I had mentioned in my Facebook that Dirty Dancing was a great movie but my favourite Patrick Swayze movie was "Red Dawn".
Then one friend mentioned "Ghost". Of course, how could I have forgotten that amazing movie?
Then another friend mentioned "Point Break". I also loved that. It made me wish I was a skydiving surfer.
"Road House" was pretty good and included an outstanding Canadian Jeff Healy, who we also lost to that disease not long ago.
So many wonderful memories of so many great movies.
Why did it take losing him to make me remember how awesome he was?
Goodbye Patrick.
Please give Farrah and Bea big hugs for me.

Stay well,

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