Monday, September 7, 2009

Next stage is a Go...

Here we are.
Another Labour Day is over. Another summer has wrapped up.
And another milestone comes along tomorrow morning.
Our two little monkeys begin a brand new school tomorrow. Off to grade 6.
When I was their age grade 6 was still part of elementary school, or public school as I had always known it.
Now, at least here in New Brunswick, middle school starts at grade 6. In my day it was known as junior high school.
I remember when I started junior high it was a brand new school. Just finished construction in time for the new school year.
I can still remember the smell of Highland Junior High on the very first day.
The place was huge! At least it felt like it.
It was compared to McNicoll Public School.
The whole thing was overwhelming and very intimidating to me. I wondered how I would ever figure out where everything was and what rooms were which.
Of course after a few months the place was as familiar as my house. Piece of cake.
What was I worrying about?
That was grade 7.
Our little dudes are only heading into grade 6. That's a heck of a difference in a year of a little guy!
I would be terrified.
But I'll tell you. Our guys aren't nervous at all. They are really looking forward to it.
We just put them to bed about 1/2 hour ago but they're not even close to being sleepy.
What a feeling that must be to them.
I'm thinking back to how small they were starting at New Maryland Elementary School. I remember that first day we walked them to school and stood with them as they lined up to go into their proper room.
They wanted us there with them as much as we wanted to be there with them. That was an awful lot.
Then they walked through the door and into the start of the first stage of their educational ship.
Seems like it was just yesterday but like a thousand years ago at the same time. Man, time is weird that way.
We were all set and figured out where they had to be tomorrow morning to catch the bus.
I was thinking how sad it was that we would not be there to see them head into the school for the first time.
They've grown up an awful lot since public school.
Now they wear size 11 shoes like I do and they are almost 5 and a half feet tall.
At 11 years old...
I can't believe it.
I was thinking that it would have been nice to be there. But things have changed for them. They don't need us there any more.
Then this evening I was outside barbecuing dinner and the back door opened and Tiny came out.
He said "Dad, would it be okay if you and mom drove us to school tomorrow? Just for the first day?"
I acted like I was thinking about it and said "Sure, that should be okay."
How did I possibly hide how thrilled I was that he asked me that?
I'll have to be really casual if I want to get a picture of them walking in.
If I'm lucky I'll still get a kiss goodbye when we drop them off. If nobody is looking of course.
Am I worried about them?
You're darn right I am.
That's what parents do.

Stay well,

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Cerulean said...

I absolutely feel for you. Three weeks ago I had to drop a 5 year old off to school for her first time ever. Do I worry while she's gone? Hell yeah. Do I hope she's liked? She behaves? She learns what she needs to learn? Of course. I have hit an understanding at this point that we have to let them grow up. It's hard but we have no choice. I try to not let my bad experiences in school in any way make any choices as to her experiences. It's hard but no two are alike. We'll survive.

Tim Scammell, PTech said...

Yes we will Tips. We probably worry more than we need to but that's just the way we are, isn't it?
What we must have put our parents through? Now I understand.

Rhonda Merkley Maccarone said...

Well I do remember those days when my kids were little and I'd stand outside the classroom and cry, but just wait Tim until they are in grade 10, 11 or 12........can you hear me singing? I'll be doing the Hallelujah Chorus all morning long!!!Yay!!