Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Millions of Leaves + Lots of Rain = Plugged Storm Sewers and Flooding

I was sitting my car trying to make my way to the office.
Unfortunately the driving is very slow this morning around Fredericton.
Many streets have been closed due to flooding from all of the rain.
The weather report on the radio this morning said that it's going to be like this all day.
I hope that this doesn't go and flood a bunch of homes, especially the houses that have barely recovered from the nasty spring floods.
The way I see it is that the problem is not that the sewers can't take all of the water. It's that the water is not reaching the sewers because of all of the fallen leaves.
Those things clump up and stick like pieces of paper mache when they get wet.
If the city wants to get ahead of this they had better send their staff out in raincoats with brooms and shovels.
That's a little harder than raking the leaves.
Hopefully there aren't any problems in New Maryland with water backing up.
If there are I'm sure I'll hear about them soon enough.


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