Monday, June 29, 2009

You've got to be kidding me.

One of the things about writing a blog is that it's almost impossible to determine where the traffic and readers are going to come from.
Almost impossible, but not totally.
I have learned that you can guarantee a certain amount of hits by throwing in keywords and phrases that will be snapped when someone does a Google search for something.
An example is "Michael Jackson" (that should be good for a couple) or "Farrah Fawcett".

My friend Charles showed me a cool feature on the blogs that allows us to see where traffic comes from and when they do.
If you are reading this on the actual blog page (and not in my Facebook notes) I will be able to see that you visited.
If you are at the blog page, thank you for that by the way!
Charles likes to brag about all of his hits. :) I can't match him but I like to show well.

One other nifty little feature is that is someone does arrive here from a Google search it shows up as well as what the person was Googling.

This one seems a bit off to me. Read on.

If you recall a little while ago I did a blog about poor Farrah and a little bit of my feelings of her.
I mentioned the time many years ago that my friends and I saw the movie "Saturn 3" which had (here it comes) "Farrah topless" in it.

Maybe I'm being a bit weird here but I was floored by how many hits came, and will come, to this blog because of people searching for "Farrah topless".

Is it just me or isn't it a little odd hunting for nudie pictures of someone right when they've passed away?

Hey! I have a video clip of the topless scene on my computer somewhere!
Should I post it here? Huh? Should I?
That's just messed up.
If you landed here that way, you're in the wrong place. Go away.

My respect for Farrah is for not only her obvious outer beauty but also her inner beauty and talent.

Move on, nothing to see here...

Stay well,

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