Thursday, June 18, 2009


Do you see that picture? Isn't it just so cute?

And horrifying??

To think that someone likely received payment for taking it sends shudders up my spine.

You know I like trains. I like trains and stations and everything related to railways.

A couple of years ago I subscribed to the email newsletter that Kalmbach Publishing sends out for its 5 rail related magazines.

Usually they are very interesting and have great items.

Today was different.

At 1:41 p.m. I received an email titled "Make Father's Day last all year long with these great rates" with the above picture front and center.

As soon as I saw it I was stunned.

What were they thinking?

A baby and man walking on train tracks??

At 6:15 p.m. I received another mail from them titled "Our apologies: Father's Day Ad".

Here's the content.

"Our Apologies

Earlier today our promotional team distributed a Father's Day e-mail advertisement for our magazines, depicting a father and child walking along a railroad track.

The photograph was highly inappropriate, and we apologize for including it in the ad.

The editorial staffs of Trains, Classic Trains, Model Railroader, Classic Toy Trains and Garden Railways are dedicated to promoting railroad safety in all our efforts and we truly regret the use of this photo.

The Publishers"

I wonder how many emails and phone calls they got before composing that backpedal email?

I'm glad they realized their error but it's a little scary that it was sent out in the first place.

And why did it take 4 1/2 hours to follow it up??

Stay well,


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