Sunday, June 7, 2009

He deserved this

I'm not a huge fan of watching sports on television at all.
I would like to be at the game in person or sometimes really enjoy a playoff game.

Tennis is one sport that is really boring to me.
Today was different.
Not since Muhammed Ali pounded on Leon Spinks to regain the heavyweight title have I wanted someone to win as much as I wanted Roger Federer to take the French Open today.

I could feel his emotion and was so thrilled for him.

He seems to me like one of those celebrities/superstars that is also a genuine nice guy.
I'd like to think so anyway.

I've met those who aren't very nice and others who surprised me with how kind they were.

I think there's another blog in that...

For now, it's a beautiful afternoon with plenty to do still before Boo's first baseball practice tonight.

Tiny is sitting baseball out this year to focus on ..... Tennis!
He's good too!!

Stay well,

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Jo Lynne Valerie said...

I'm really curious as to what emotion you read on that athlete's face, that made you root for him so strongly.

I bet it was his passion and like you said - how genuine he was, probably at wanting to win that match.

I think those are the two things that set most people apart from the rest of the herd - passion and a genuine heart and spirit.

Final thought - you're a good writer!

Be well and see you in Twitterland!

-Jo Lynne