Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Finding Time!!

I am so sorry to anyone who drops by here and looks for Tim updates from time to time.
I could never imagine being as busy as I am these days.
Even when I do have spare time my mind is preoccupied with things and I just can't get a decent blog done!
I go through my Blackberry and see 4 different blogs that I started to write and didn't because I was sidetracked.
They aren't even relevant really since the moment is gone.
I will make this a quicky. I have Council tonight. Maybe I'll have a chance to write a deep thoughtful blog then? :) Relax you voters. I am kidding.
First, I should say that the fun last week yielded excellent results. I don't have to go through that again for another 5 or 10 years. As fun as it was, that's fine with me.
Mom and Hayley would be pleased knowing that the colonoscopy is finally over.

Let me tell you what's going on these days.
B finished football last week until fall. T still has tennis lessons every Tuesday evening for several more weeks.
Both of them started summer hockey last night in Oromocto. YAY! We were all very happy about that.
Oh, guess who's coaching? Yep, your's truly.
In this league it's just a glorified door opener and closer. There are all levels of players, they play whatever positions they want and they MUST have fun.
That's the rules. We love it.
B started to hit his stick on the ice last night when the other team scored but thought better of it. I'm very happy about that. In case you missed it, go back to my Bobby Orr blog and you'll see why.
T wraps up piano lessons until the fall next week. Boo still has drum lessons ongoing.
Plus, baseball starts this week.
B is playing but not T. I'm sad about that since he has such spirit out there when he plays but that's totally his choice. As long as he is doing something we are okay with that.

Me? I just hang around and drive where I'm told to.

There will be a blog coming about my trip to mom's.
When I have time.....

Right. :)

Stay well,


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