Friday, June 19, 2009

I don't take "lasts" very well.

Many of us are going through the same thing or similar things everywhere at various levels.
I was surprised to see that some people I know are dealing with this at the grandparent level!
The last couple of weeks has been full of "lasts".
A couple of weeks ago was the last talent show at the school that we would be involved with.
Last week the PSSC (Parent School Support Committee) had our last meeting of the year which also happened to be that last one forever for a couple of us.

I joined the Home and School and the PSSC because I wanted to be there to make a difference in our sons' education.
As with my joining Council, I hoped that my input, whether misguided or not, would make New Maryland Elementary School better not just for our kids but for every single boy and girl that ever walks through those doors.

There were so many meetings and so much stuff discussed at these meetings!
At the end of a long workday there was no way to avoid my eyes glazing over at times.
But I think I did what I had to do.
I think that I made a difference in that place.
And now it's over.

Our little monkey boys have their last day at New Maryland Elementary School tomorrow.

I really don't know how they feel about it.

How did I feel about when I was leaving one school to another? Truthfully I don't think I cared.

I do remember how nervous I was going into the new schools.
The main thing that made it okay for me was that I was going to a bigger school with kids from a bunch of other schools.
I knew a ton of kids from the other schools from Scouting, sports and other things.
Finally I could hang out with them!

But what of poor little NMES?
It's only a stone's throw from our back yard.
We'll always hear the bells go off as we do now.
But the bells won't be ringing for our little guys anymore.

And our little guys aren't those little guys anymore.

In only 6 years they have gone from being so small to growing up so much.

Yesterday we went to the family picnic. Our last at the school.
The principal came over to us sitting on our blanket and told us how proud he was of our guys.

There had been a few issues that had arisen over the past few years. Nothing serious but needing our attention.

Steve came over and told us that our boys had grown up so much and were great.
No more problems.

I can joke and say that he may have just said this since they were not his problem anymore after tomorrow but I know the truth.

These little guys have grown up an awful lot.
I don't like it but that's the way it is.

I will always call them Tiny and Boo even when they are over 6 feet tall and 25 years old.

I don't have to tell you that I have a very difficult time letting go of some things.

There are some things I will never let go of no matter how hard I try.

But I know that I have to let go and accept that these little guys aren't really little guys anymore.

But they'll always be my babies.

Stay well,

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