Monday, June 22, 2009

Let's do some math shall we?

Here's a nifty address to an interesting blog about the York Street Station and some costs that may be associated with its repairs.

Thanks to Mr./Mrs./Ms./Miss (?) Lamespotting for sending it to me. For some reason I can't seem to insert links into my blogs so please just copy and paste the address to go to it. Sorry about that.

Doesn't look very good, does it?

However, today's Gleaner has the following article by my pal Shawn Berry.
It appears that the Legion is going to stick to their dream of saving the station.
(I wish they had thought about this a couple of years ago... Ah well, better late than never as they say.)

I did meet with the Manager at the Legion just over a week ago to provide them with what I have in the way of photos and information.

I told him that I will personally go out and swing a hammer with anyone when (if?) the time comes to begin repairs.
I'm serious too!
In fact, I'll bring my wife and kids and anyone that gets within my grabbing reach to come out and help too!

Here's today's article.
Once again, thanks to Shawn Berry for digging in and biting onto this like a pit bull.

Legion members formally looking at train station


Members of Branch 4 of the Royal Canadian Legion have given their executive the go-ahead to further explore the potential of turning the York Street train station into their new home.

There was no opposition to the motion at last week's general meeting attended by about 50 legion members.

"They all approved that we look into it further," said branch president Jean-Guy Perreault.

The general meeting in June is the last one until September, so it was important to get the support of members before summer.

The legion is one of at least three groups interested in taking over the deteriorating historic train station.

NB Liquor has had discussions about leasing the station from the owners, J.D. Irving Ltd. And while speculation ran rampant recently that the Crown corporation was days away from inking a deal, an official has said that wasn't the case.

Perreault said his members want to see what would be involved in having the legion buy and revitalize the 86-year-old building.

Past-president Ardith Armstrong said legion members will be looking at the cost of acquiring the train station and what funding might be available to them to repair it in accordance with its historic designation. The price of the refurbishment has been pegged at up to $2 million.

Armstrong said legion members have been told nothing is set in stone.

"We asked their permission to continue with the discovery while assuring them we would commit to nothing without the blessing of the general membership."

Legion members were told recently that members of the executive have been in contact with Mayor Brad Woodside and other civic leaders to support their efforts.

Woodside recently reiterated his call for the building owners to repair it soon or tear it down.

J.D. Irving has said securing a commercial venture for the site is the most viable option to support the $2 million revitalization cost.

Legion members hope to secure funding for a refurbishment before submitting any plan to their membership for approval.

Oh yes, before I forget!
I drove by the station the other day and met a talented chap named Calvin Thompson who was doing a painting of the building.
I took this picture of Calvin at work.
Quite good, isn't he?

All righty then folks.
My hammer is ready. But NOT for tearing anything down. Only for rebuilding.
Any takers?

Stay well,

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Crystal F. said...

Hi Tim, I hear you. I agree that in it's current state it either needs to be fixed up or torn down, and I'm all for the fixing up....I think you have something here, if everybody pitches in, we can make that 2 million dollar estimate much less, in labour costs, hit up some local businesses for some support.... get some of the army men volunteering their time...It's great! :)