Tuesday, September 30, 2008

"Borrowed" from Charles' blog

Actually this is a comment that I left in one of Charles' articles concerning Mark Darcy.
Mark has been told that he is not allowed to address Fredericton City Council about a developer that has been filling in a protected wetland area even though he has been told to discontinue this work and remedy what he has already done.
I have also mentioned that Murray Yeomans was told that he is not allowed to present his petition personally.
Here is Charles' writeup. It's quite well done.

Here is my letter. It should appear on there when Charles has read and approved it. (If he approves it.)

Tim Scammell, Professional Technologist (PTech) said...
Hey Charles. That wasn't a debate between Ivan and Mark. Debates are adversarial.Mark was seeking advice and informing Ivan of what is going on.
On a similar note, I have been in contact with Murray Yeomans here in Fredericton for a couple of weeks now. Murray is the young Leo Hayes student who has started a petition among high school students stating that would like the York Street Station saved.
Yesterday he asked if he should take his petition to Fredericton City Hall to present to the Committee meeting yesterday to discuss it. I recommended he call first to ask to be placed on the agenda. When Murray called he was told that members of the public are not allowed at any committee meetings. This surprised me.
In New Maryland the only meeting that is closed to the public is Council in Committee.Another meeting could be taken "in camera" if specific details of a person or organization are to be discussed. During the regular Council meetings we even have a public input section on the agenda for any member of the public to talk or ask questions.
Prior to my being elected I used to attend the Council meetings and provide a New Maryland Elementary Home and School report to keep Council up to date with school activities. I would tell anyone to take advantage of any opportunity to make themselves heard and have things added into the minutes as public record. If recorded properly, no-one could ever twist your words around or say that you never said anything about something.
It perplexes me that people like Mark and Murray are unable to present their concerns to the very people elected to do what they can to help resolve these concerns.
I know it wouldn't do much good but why doesn't Mark come to New Maryland and present this to us? Perhaps this is something that will affect New Maryland too somehow? Ivan did mention that the others around these areas are often negatively impacted.
Just a thought. A long, rambling thought mind you. :)
1:29 PM, September 30, 2008

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