Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Plenty About the Station in the News These Days

Look at that! The wave of attention for our poor old York Street station has continued into another day.
This time the Gleaner has cleaned up their research skills and actually spoke to someone involved with the station who MATTERS.
Steve Boyko did a great job in the interview. (Which is more than I will say for my Global television interview. I did fine but what was televised was sad. More about this later.)
Here is the article.
Steve came across very well. Good job sir. The comments section below it is rather harsh today though. That "Mad Ape" person is rather interesting.
I don't pay heed to the comments but they are fun to read.

I missed the Fredericton all-candidates meeting last night due to personal obligations.
Every Tuesday I take Tyler to his piano lesson. This is one time every week that we have guaranteed Tyler-Daddy time. It's not a lot but it's a tradition and it's very important to both of us.
I tell anyone who is scheduling a meeting or session that there is no way that I can attend if it's within Tyler-Daddy Piano Tuesday time. Before or after is fine.

Fortunately, everyone's blogging journalist pal Charles was on hand to nail down the details of the all-candidates meeting.
One thing he mentioned of note which I agree with was the fact that John Carty decided not to run for the NDP party this time.
I know John's brother Brian and he's a wonderful person. He and I were Beaver leaders together several years ago when our sons were members. We had a great time together. If there is one person I wish I could have had leading and inspiring my kids longer, Brian is that person.
I'm quite confident that the warm nature and intelligence runs in that family.
Someone like John could be a reason for even the most staunch Blues and Reds to reconsider their loyalties. At least in Fredericton.
It's a shame John hasn't moved over to a more mainstream party so that he would have a fair chance.
I suppose there is always that chance.
Heck, if Bob Rae could fly over the fence as he did (shudder), anyone can.
I can comment on Robert Rae since I lived in Ontario through his regime and helped Ontario society recover and pick up the pieces afterwards.

I digress.
Have a look at Charles' coverage here.
You just have to get past his Green Party babbling to get the details. ;)
Hey, Charles jabs me sometimes so I can jab him.

I am happy to see that Mr. Innes has followed Mr. Ashfield's lead and added his voice of support to the station cause. If elected he will pursue federal funds to restore the station.
Better late than never Mr. Innes, thank-you.
Unfortunately Green party candidate Mary-Lou Babineau and NDP candidate Jesse Travis have not yet commented.
*Note to Ms. Babineau and especially Mr. Travis: Try to do what John Carty would have done. Please add your support. Even if you don't stand a chance of winning it will make me feel more comfortable.

So today's blog won't go on forever, I'll do the last item now.
It's about my Global interview.
I will start by saying that I talked to her for a long time. Longer than the CBC, CTV and Charles. If that's possible.
I touched on so many things and ideas and thoughts.
However, one thing I mentioned was that if no-one is going to come forward and save the station it were be merciful if it was taken down to spare the daily heartache of driving by.
This was one of the minor things I said during the huge interview. I also talked about plenty of good things like great ideas for the building for use.
A new bus station or the new home of the Farmer's Market were just 2 such things.

But Global decided to focus the whole piece the way they wanted it to and stressed the "tear it down" idea.
Can I say I was misquoted? Nope.
Out of context? A little bit.
Why didn't I re-read my own blog about the Forbes property? I know that this is going to happen. I have to stop being so comfortable when talking with the media and watch what I say and how it can be used.

From now on. Really! I'll be careful.

One more thing. I wish that Fredericton Councillor Steve Chase would keep his thoughts to himself. He doesn't even want to try to save the station. He's all for ripping it down.
It's not even in his ward!
Let Jordan Graham talk about it if anyone.
I do know that Jordan shares a similar opinion as Mr. Chase though so perhaps it would be better for us if NOBODY spoke about it.
Stephen and David Kelly used to be on our side. I hope they still are when the city has their meeting about this next week.

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Charles LeBlanc said...

Myself, I hate Art!!!


It was a so so debate but my mail goal was to get a picture of the four candidates together.

and an interview with Mary Lou Babineau!!!

I got both so I was happy and went home!!!!