Saturday, April 4, 2009

Exercises in Boredom

I'm in Toronto right now at a meeting for Presidents and Executive Directors of the provincial associations of Technicians and Technologists.
The gist of this is to determine how the national body, Canadian Council of Technicians and Technologists, is to be governed and how each provincial group controls what CCTT does.
This is such a long story and far too boring to get into here.
What I will say though is that there are two or there differing opinions of how this should be done.
In my opinion the differences are due to several factors.
I do stand to be corrected by my good friend Tony of Newfoundland (who just happens to be sitting to my left this very second), but the differences I observe are mainly due to regional variations and assorted sizes of the provincial associations.
I wish I could say that I arrived here with an open mind but I would be lying.
A firm was hired to gather information and interview several officials of every provincial group.
I was interviewed on the phone by these consultant guys and did not like the way the interview went.
It started out well enough as they asked me questions and I gave my replies.
It has been my view from the beginning of this process that it was ordered and manipulated by the big three organizations to eventually lead conclusions to suit their desires.
It seemed that when I gave my replies the consultants tried to steer me further to other answers with leading questions.
This is totally unacceptable for this activity.
I suppose we will see by the end of today or tomorrow how this will work out.
I am not alone with my frustrations of this whole thing.
This has been "out there" for years.
Six years ago we had a firefight when Ontario threatened to pull out of CCTT if they didn't get their way.
I just happened to be a member in Ontario as well as New Brunswick at the time and was a little upset at this.
I stirred things up a lot by email back in Ontario and resulted in Ontario changing their mind.
It was too easy and I knew it. I knew that Ontario would take to back rooms and unofficial meetings with other provinces to gather support for their view.
But I'm a little paranoid sometimes.
Maybe everything will be lovely.
But I'm feeling something in this room which may not be all peaceful.

We'll see.

Stay well,

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