Wednesday, April 8, 2009

In case you were wondering.

I will do a full proper blog again very soon but wanted to do this quickie.
I am glad to say that the weekend meetings in Toronto went quite well.
As I mentioned previously I admit I went in without a very open mind.
Despite that and some evident caution on many people's parts we ended everything on Sunday afternoon with all of the items on the agenda discussed and moving forward.
I was proud of my Executive Director Ed and I for keeping restrained even when it was very difficult for me to do so. My pal Tony from Newfoundland sitting beside me was fantastic at restraint and saying what needed to be said.
I was proud to sit beside Tony and even moreso being his friend.
However, as Tony pointed out, the proof is in the pudding.
This means that although it ended in a big love-in the agreements still have to be put in place and carried out.
Not to worry.
Who would dare foil such positive steps?


Stay well,
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Tony said...

Likewise Tim, I was glad and proud to sit beside you. Us that have similar opinions must present a common front.

Like you, I was very worried at how the weekend would play out - I am pleasantly surprised at the outcome. However, without wanting to seem a pessimist, there are still opportunities for the high level agreements to fall apart. I hope that this does not happen for the good of technicians and technologists across Canada - not just those in my province!

Be well..