Saturday, April 25, 2009

Now what?

In an hour and a half or so my 2 year term as president of NBSCETT will be over.
What AM I going to do with all of the spare time I'm going to have now??
Don't worry. That won't happen.
Several years ago when I first accepted the nomination I questioned my decision.
Now I question why I questioned.
It's been hell at times but thinking back I've realized where the real education in our lives comes from.
It's not school.
It's in the things we do as volunteers or present ourselves into the public eye for.
This has been great education.
Without it I truly believe that I may not have been prepared to take a position on New Maryland Council.
Fear not however, after 2 years as past President I will become the New Brunswick director on CCTT.
That will be a whole new bundle of fun.
At least I have 2 years to rest up for it.

Stay well,
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1 comment:

Tony said...

I'm glad to hear that you originally questioned your nomination. I originally wondered why I put my name forward for council and eventually to stand for president. These days I can't imagine that I ever doubted it. It is at the same time gratifying, fullfilling, frustrating, time-stealing, and utterly addictive! I can't imagine having all of that volunteer time back - just for me!

Enjoy it big guy - Those two years will fly by and you'll be back in the thick of things on the national front!!