Friday, April 24, 2009

There's someone that I'd REALLY like you to meet...

Chances are, if you are reading this you already know how strongly I support rising talent of any type.
I am very passionate about this.
If someone is willing to share their talent we should do whatever we can to make sure that the whole world receives this gift by spreading the word.
This blog is another about this very thing.

Quite a while ago I registered for a Myspace account at the recommendation of a good friend of mine.
My good friend has issues with Facebook and refuses to get an account.
It seems that the only way to communicate with my pal is by email or Myspace.
My account sat there untouched and unloved for the longest time, being glanced at once a month or so.
When my friends Age of Daze mentioned that they have a page I took a renewed interest in Myspace.
When I learned of the Myspace application for BlackBerry I was hooked!

One day not too long ago I received a friend request from a young Australian lady named Miss Maggie B.
Today I am honoured to call Miss Maggie B a friend.
That's her in the pictures above. The young man with her is Peter Aoun who is her producer, co-writer and her very close friend.
What an amazing young woman she is. And she has such an incredible voice!

Don't take my word for it. Go here to see and hear for yourself.

Rather than trying to tell you about her I'm going to use Maggie's own words from her Myspace page.

"Born and raised in Sydney, Australia. Discovered I can song write at the age of 6 when my sister and I started to write a song together. Ever since that day, songs and melodies have come through my dreams, when I am at church, when Im speaking to somebody in a middle conversation and when I need to vent. Sometimes I write one sentence and the rest of the song writes itself. I knew that I had to continue this journey. Singing and song writing was always kept a secret for many years growing up, because of confidence issues, but I have built my confidence on my own and teamed up with my childhood friend Peter Aoun (Mystro). He brings my melodies to life and one of the greatest producers I have ever known. We have been song writing for 14 years together and hopefully we can continue writing together for another 50. My music is influenced with my upbringing. Church Music, dance music, pop music, Arabic music and mostly belly dancing. But my world, image and song writing changed when I fell in love with rock music a few years ago and appreciated the guitar sound. So my music is a mixture of pop cultures, Arabic rock influences mixed into one flavour. There are so many more songs I would like to share with you. Enjoy! Xo Magi"

Our family has a developed a neat relationship with Miss Maggie B.
We love her music.
Maggie loves the Youtube videos I post of the boys playing drums and piano.

It's a case of fantastic young talent enthusiastically supporting another. I like that a lot.

She even sent the boys a personal birthday letter last week!

Miss Maggie B just released her CD. I'm waiting for my copy to arrive in the mail.
Contact her manager at to order a copy.

Also just in case anyone reading this would like to book her for show and make her a household name immediately, please do so.
Consider it a personal favour to me :).

I know that one day soon my lovely new friend Miss Maggie B is going to take the world by storm and charm everyone as she has charmed me.
Just remember that you heard all about her right here first.

I'm inviting you to jump on this bandwagon as it is picking up speed.

Stay Well,


Jack said...

Maggy is really cool and beautiful. You are supporting her a lot. She should be thankful to you.

Tim Scammell, PTech said...

Don't worry about that Jack. She is very appreciative of her supporters. That's her nature.
It helps us love her that much more. :)