Friday, April 17, 2009

He's back!

Remember my handsome bald eagle friend that I photographed several weeks ago beside the Saint John River?

I had not seen him since then and thought he may had picked up and moved away for good.

I am very happy to report that he was back this morning.

Looking as majestic as ever and peacefully surveying his domain.

I didn't have time to stop and say hello or take a picture but I did smile when I saw him there.

I'll try to get another shot next time.

By the way, I sent the last one to CBC television and The Daily Gleaner.

CBC used it during the weather report. The weather man has a different picture every night that he puts up from those submitted by viewers. I missed it myself. I was out at the time. Someone told me about it.

The Daily Gleaner put it in as well.

I'll get a better picture next time and get it used across the world. :)

Today is Tiny's 11th birthday. Boo's is tomorrow. They were born before and after midnight.

Pretty cool isn't it?

Tiny is older but has his birthday on a school day while Boo's is on the weekend this year.

Stay well,


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